WWF/WWE Superstars Discrepency


Good afternoon, the new year has brought many exciting changes to wrestling as a whole including TNA being moved to POP TV, Matt Hardy being crowned the new champion, Austin Airies jumping ship to the WWE, and lets not forget the Bullet Club being signed. All exciting developments for wrestling. However, I am still saddened to say that even though we’ve been in “negotiations” with the WWE for quite some time now we’re still at a standstill. Lets not forget that WWA Superstars of wrestling owns the following marks



Both of which are currently active. Along with these two marks and the plethora of registrations that come along with them, we are still being lambasted by the WWE and other promotions. Recently we’ve discovered that the WWE has been modifying information regarding WWF?WWE Superstars. To say the least this development is very disappointing to us, and has in a way soured our perception of the route that these negotiations have taken. It’ been a difficult and trying time to even gain information as to whether or not the company is still interested in working with us or if they’ve just been entertaining us so that they can continue to do what they’ve already been doing to us for the past 20 plus years, and that’s push us around. We’ve been patient with them, and we aren’t playing hardball, but at the end of the day when do you decide enough is enough? 8 months have gone by, and we are no closer to a deal, and its becoming frustrating. They continue to use our mark, and rather than taking legal action because of them modifying information and making us look foolish if we try to do as much we’ve taken to this blog to vent out our frustration. No one likes to be made a fool, and we are getting tired of looking like fools. We’ve made contact with PWI who appears to be responsible for the modifications in the hopes that we can stop some of the leaking of information that has taken place.

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WWF/WWE Superstars Discrepency

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