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Editorial10 WWE Superstars Struggling To Get Airtime The Past Few Months

10 WWE Superstars Struggling To Get Airtime The Past Few Months



Hi folks! Today, we’re talking about the difficulty some WWE superstars are having finding airtime over the past few months. This doesn’t mean Triple H has buried them, as some were already struggling under Vince McMahon’s rule, but it’s interesting to note who hasn’t benefitted from the change of guard. Lacey Evans was originally eligible for this, but her return on SmackDown could be the beginning of her getting back to normal.

Honorable Mention

Dana Brooke – Since Triple H took over, Dana Brooke has not been seen with the 24/7 Championship, but she has made backstage appearances. It leaves many questioning the state of the title and whether Triple H will either continue to use it or do away with the concept altogether. Maybe we’ll find out tonight? I’d like to add Tamina here too, who has also been seen standing around watching monitors.

For those who don’t read results for live events, there were some 24/7 title changes on September 10th in Colorado Springs. However, WWE does not recognize them as part of the title’s history. Nikki A.S.H, Tamina, and Dana Brooke were involved

WWE Superstars

#1 & 2. Tozawa & Reggie

Two of the biggest chasers (and potential boyfriends of Dana Brooke & Tamina?) of the 24/7 Championship have not been seen in recent months because they have nothing to chase.

While Reggie is losing matches on Main Event, Tozawa has not wrestled since losing the 24/7 title to Tamina on an episode of Raw in July. Vince McMahon was a fan of the comedy aspect of their characters, and he was so high on Reggie that he once held the 24/7 title for 112 days, which remains the record for a single reign.

#3. Omos (w/ MVP)

In recent memory, the biggest omission from Monday Night Raw has been the ‘Nigerian Giant’ Omos. Under Vince McMahon’s watch, he was regularly used, although he hit a bump in the road against Lashley. He has rarely wrestled since Triple H took over. Despite this, he has noted a change in the atmosphere:

“Not seeing the old man [Vince McMahon] every day because the last two years I was on, I saw him every day, and now Hunter is there. Hunter is one of us. He’s one of the boys. A lot of us have that trust because he has similar experiences as us. We trust him. It’s been a lot more laid back. He’s very involved. He’s down at rehearsals, working with talent, he’s very hands-on.”

It’s tough to know what to expect. I’m sure Triple H wants to use Omos, but it’s working him back into the product meaningfully. The last thing fans remember is him losing to Bobby Lashley and then struggling to defeat the Street Profits. There’s still a lot of work to do to make fans believe Omos has a spot for his talent, and not because he’s a circus act.

WWE Superstars

#4. T-Bar

Ever since WWE split the tag team of T-Bar and Mace, he has been one of the most buried superstars in the company. Despite his size and athleticism, Vince McMahon saw nothing of value. Triple H knows what he can do though because back in NXT, he had a memorable feud and series of matches with Keith Lee.

If he can bring back Dominik Dijakovic, the towering force who can take others to their limits, then the main roster will have another powerhouse to deal with. In the meantime, T-Bar picks up victories on Main Event that amount to nothing. It’s a shame his talent is being wasted.

#5. Veer Mahaan

After what felt like years of Veer Mahaan “coming soon to Raw”, he finally appeared and destroyed a jobber. And to squash jobbers regularly became his routine. When it finally came time to take on the stronger competition, it started well. He destroyed the Mysterio’s, and I was all for it. But then… they let him talk. And I don’t say that like he can’t talk for himself, but part of his mystique was gone after that.

It’s like having Umaga without Armando Estrada. Had WWE given Veer a manager to sell him as the monster he is, then his transition from jobber crusher to mid-card horror would have been easier. Instead, they had him lose a battle royal in June before disappearing. All the momentum his undefeated streak had built up for months was lost. He resurfaced in August to squash a random jobber on Raw. Why? What was the point? Where does he go from there? The answer is he doesn’t. He was there to waste 5 minutes of a 3-hour show.

WWE Superstars

#6 & 7. Jinder Mahal & Shanky

Originally, the tag team of Jinder Mahal & Shanky was nothing special. Stick the Indian guys together and they can be de facto heels losing to whoever needs to go over that week. And then one day, something special happens. Shanky started dancing, and it created a rift between him and Mahal. The more fans encouraged Shanky, the more irate Jinder became.

This funny dynamic was gradually getting over until WWE heavily implied that Shanky was done. They wrestled each other on Main Event and live events, but WWE didn’t mention it on Raw. The duo stayed together (with no explanation) and entered a one-sided feud with The Viking Raiders, with their last match happening on an episode of SmackDown on July 22nd. They have not been used since, and their status is up in the air until Triple H decides what to do.

#8 & 9. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

One of the biggest travesties of Vince McMahon’s late booking was the split of the Hurt Business stable at its peak. Just as they were getting over with the WWE Universe it was torn apart because he didn’t want support for Bobby Lashley. He used their popularity against them, and the fans groaned because it was unnecessary. Ever since that decision, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin have rarely worked episodes of Raw, and can only be seen regularly on Main Event.

They are two of the most athletically gifted superstars in all of WWE, yet they are relegated and have had to accept what they are given. No, they aren’t main event players. They won’t sell out Madison Square Garden or have the charisma of The Rock. But what they can be, because they always have been, are reliable hands who can work anyone to an entertaining match. If they aren’t being used to their potential, then what’s the point?

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WWE Superstars

#10. R-Truth

Personally, the one WWE Superstar I miss the most is R-Truth. Sure, some (or all depending on who you ask) of the 24/7 Championship skits were over the top, but the man is entertaining! If you can get Brock Lesnar corpsing on live television, then you’ve got something special. R-Truth has become WWE’s clown act in recent years, but he is more than that. Truth can go in the ring too, and sadly his skills have been forgotten because under Vince McMahon it was all about the jokes.

R-Truth could still do the comedy routine under Triple H, but differently. Although, I’m not sure how much of the character was Vince McMahon projecting his sense of humor. We know they were the best of friends and likely collaborated with every segment. I think it would be a monumental waste if R-Truth is buried for the little time he has left in his career. Fingers crossed Triple H allows him to run wild and entertain the masses. He’s one of the best characters WWE has… and that’s the truth! Thanks for reading.

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