Thursday, May 30, 2024
Editorial​Austin Idol Discusses Never Working For Vince McMahon Jr. & Feuding With...

​Austin Idol Discusses Never Working For Vince McMahon Jr. & Feuding With Jerry Lawler, More



In an interview with Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Austin Idol spoke about why he thinks he never ended up working with Vince McMahon Jr. Here are highlights:

On not working with Vince McMahon, Jr.: “The wrestling business is like any other business, you make friends and sometimes you do things that upset people and vice versa. I don’t really think there was any interest from the Vince (McMahon) standpoint and I gave my notice to Vince’s father after 11 months up there and I did it all in a nice way and very professional, but that may have stuck with Junior.”

On feuding with Jerry Lawler: “I saw something so much similar to that in Florida because when I was working part time I could just hang out, it was Jody Hamilton The Assassin who did something almost exactly like that angle with Dusty (Rhodes) in Florida and I thought that maybe I could tweak that and maybe get something out of it, so I told Lawler about it and he said let’s do it. When we did that I had been out for a while and I was just coming back and that really ignited me quickly and it turned out very good. I had a great run with him (Lawler) as a heel and also as a baby face against the Road Warriors.”

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