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Editorial​Bram Discusses The Rumors Of TNA Moving To The UK, Says Bill...

​Bram Discusses The Rumors Of TNA Moving To The UK, Says Bill DeMott Was A Great Trainer In FCW



Bram recently spoke for a new interview talking about his role in Goldberg’s Check Point and more. Check out the highlights:

On if he’s talked about wrestling with Goldberg on the set of Check Point: “We bring it up. It is a conversation that comes up quite often. Bill’s pretty in to his sports. He’s in to his muy thai fighting and all that other kind of stuff. He loves his football. It would be a thing that was brought up occasionally but it wasn’t something that we spent hours talking about.”

On whether Bill Goldberg may fight in MMA any time soon: “I know he really wants to at some point. I think he’ll end up putting the gloves on and doing some kind of exhibition. I can totally see that. I know that he wants to. I think at some point he probably will.”

On Bill DeMott as a coach when they were in FCW: “I’ll say this and there are probably people who hate me for it but I think Bill is a fantastic trainer. He’s a guy that doesn’t take any bullshit and he wants you to be a man. He trains men and if you’re not a man then get out. I’m biased because he put me under his wing and sort of brought out this side of me, this aggressive side. All that kind of stuff that I didn’t really have. As far as his training goes he is a bit of a drill instructor, a drill sergeant, but if you can’t hang then you gotta go. There’s a lot of horror stories and a lot of this and a lot of that. Personally I was around for a lot of it and most of it’s just really been blown out of proportion. It’s very easy to point the finger and I think a lot of people did that. He was a victim of that. As far as Bill goes tho he was a great trainer and a great human being. I’m happy to have had him taken part in making me who I am as a character and a wrestler today.”

On rumors that TNA may move to the UK: “I personally never heard anything like that. I know that domestically here in the states that’s their main objective. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard anything like that, no.”

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