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Editorial​Brian Kendrick Discusses Training Eva Marie, A Possible WWE NXT Return, His...

​Brian Kendrick Discusses Training Eva Marie, A Possible WWE NXT Return, His TNA Run & More



Brian Kendrick recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio, here are the highlights…

On His Wrestling School: I think for me, I look at wrestling a little bit different and almost in obscure way. I look it as music and rhythm, more of tugging emotions than the physical side of it. I try to bring a fresh perspective on what wrestling is and what we are trying to get out of the fans and give back to the fans. What I have to offer is my unique perspective.

On Training Eva Marie: It came about when William Regal called me up. He works in the offices as a scout and mentor to a lot of WWE people. He reached out to me with the opportunity and I had very little expectations, the company had no expectations, and she came in and worked her ass off. I hope she continues to wrestle with people with more experience than her and with her drive, aptitude, and willingness to try I think she can do great. If she can get in there with the likes of Sasha Banks, Bailey, Paige, Becky Lynch, or any girls with experience it could help her get to that next level.

On a Possible Return to NXT: I do have interest in returning. It came out of the blue the opportunity to do it. I had friends in the right places that it fell into my lap. Hopefully something will happen before the year is through and keep my fingers crossed. As of right now, I have no matches scheduled upcoming with NXT.

On His TNA Run: I enjoyed it, it’s a different animal in TNA and not ran the same as WWE which I grew accustomed to with that level of work. TNA was great while I was there, but like many other TNA wrestlers, I wasn’t working, getting paid for months off, and not being able to wrestle anywhere else. Stuff like that gave me stomach pains because they took what I loved away from me. When I was working at TNA I loved it, but when they contracted me, wouldn’t bring me in, and refused to let me wrestle anywhere else, I just wanted to go postal.

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