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EditorialHeir to the Throne: Stephanie McMahon to the Rescue

Heir to the Throne: Stephanie McMahon to the Rescue



It has been an interesting couple of weeks over at WWE Corporate Headquarters. As of the writing of this editorial, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s only begotten daughter, Stephanie McMahon, has assumed the role of Interim Chairwoman and CEO. But, can Stephanie save WWE from crashing and burning into oblivion?

I don’t really care what she does on the business side of things, that’ll all handle itself with or without her or Vince. What I am interested in, and what you should be more concerned about as a wrestling fan, is the state of the creative side of things at WWE. This year has been absolutely horrible for WWE creatively in my opinion. Thing’s haven’t been good since the beginning of the pandemic when they were doing the occasional cinematic match and no fans. The pandemic forced WWE to think outside of the box, and it worked, for a little while.

For about the last 4 or 5 months, I would say that I fast forward through about %50 of SmackDown, and I skip through about %40 of Raw every week. And the pay-per-views, don’t even get me started, forget about it, they’ve been lackluster at best. Yeah, the John Cena thing was cool, but that was just a rare one-off. Honestly, the most entertaining thing for me on Raw right now is the Ezekiel storyline, so, make what you will of that.

So, can Stephanie make an impact on WWE creatively? Yes, I hope so. But will she? Let’s hope that she does.


Stephanie is a natural entertainer just like her father. The storylines involving Stephanie on TV back in the day were pretty epic compared to what WWE has going on currently. Stephanie McMahon was TV gold back in the day. She had the look, the personality, the athleticism, she had everything that any of the other WWE ladies had, plus the advantage of the company belonging to her dad. This made for some very entertaining stories and matches.

If you were a wrestling fan during the early 2000s, then you’ll remember how it all began for Vince’s daughter. A young Stephanie McMahon was just minding her own business, and then one day she was kidnapped by The Undertaker and his manager Paul Bearer (RIP). She was tied up in the ring and forced into the unholy union of darkness. Her in-ring career took off from there, and it was awesome.

Remember when Triple H kidnapped Stephanie, drugged her, and married her in Vegas? It was brilliant writing paired with Stephanie’s great performances that made this kind of stuff work. This kind of storyline definitely wouldn’t fly today. Seriously, how many times can one person get kidnapped, drugged, and forced into marriage on national TV?

Oh, and then there was that one time when Stephanie faked a pregnancy to get Triple H to agree to renew their wedding vows. Yep, nothing like surprising your husband on live TV with a pregnancy announcement. WWE definitely couldn’t get away with anything crazy like that in these times.

So, how can Stephanie McMahon turn things around for her father’s company? My wishful answer to this question is for Stephanie to put herself back on TV. What else do they have going on? For real, name one entertaining storyline going on at RAW or Smackdown that makes you tune in every week, I’ll wait.


What are some of the options out there for Stephanie that could really shake things up on Raw and SmackDown? Forget about the stupid PG rating, it’s time to go back to the old school.

  1. Bring back the Attitude Era with Stephanie bossing everyone around backstage in her old school shrill voice.
  2. Resurrect the ECW brand with Paul Heyman running it and Stephanie sabotaging it for him at the same time.
  3. Bring back the WCW brand with her brother Shane or Triple H acting as “owner”, and insert herself into some kind of a double-crossing storyline.
  4. Have a daughter vs father feud that brings kayfabe into the mix.

So, option number 4 would obviously be a tough one, but I think it would be the most interesting. As one might assume, Stephanie cannot be happy about anything that is being alleged, but this could be a very interesting move. Vince is already doing a minimal form of this by walking out to the ring every week.

Option number 1 would be the most welcomed by fans. And I think Stephanie knows this, but she’d have to convince the shareholders that it could be more profitable than the boring PG slump. The only thing that beats the Attitude Era are the days of the early and mid 1980s.

Options 2 and 3 would be great. With pretty much all of the other wrestling companies out there crossing over right now, I believe it would be a competitive and believable gimmick.


I don’t think Mr. Vince McMahon is going to let anyone steal his beloved company from him. And if Mr. Vincent K. McMahon is forced out, well then what? Where would pro wrestling be without the absolute brilliance of Vincent Kennedy McMahon? Or the real question might be, where would WWE end up without Mr. McMahon?

There is no denying that sports entertainment, or wrestling, as it should be called, wouldn’t exist as we know it today without Vince. As Mr. McMahon continues to make appearances on SmackDown and Raw, it is clear that the fans are behind their pro wrestling patriarch %100.

It’s not like the fans thought Vince McMahon would live forever. I’m pretty sure most fans like myself thought he’d die running WWE. This concept is currently in jeopardy. And for now, it’s all up to Stephanie McMahon to keep the family business going strong, as it has been since 1963. Stephanie can do it, I believe in her.

So, where does Linda McMahon fit in with all of this? Well, I don’t think wrestling fans really care. She can’t be happy at all about any of this, right? I mean, she could sell her shares of the company and possibly cause problems for Vince if she really wanted to be vengeful. I doubt the two have lived together or really been together in years, kinda like the Clinton’s. She was horrible on TV, and I have no desire to see her back, not that it would help things or make a difference. Nope, marriage is not forever.


As wrestling fans, we need to all stick together and hope for the best for Stephanie McMahon, her father Vince, and everyone involved in the situation. Do you want to see Stephanie McMahon back on TV? What changes do you want to see Stephanie make to save WWE creative? Do you think Stephanie wants out, or do you think she truly wants to step up to the challenge and carry on the family legacy? Let me know in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter.

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