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Editorial​Legends Of Wrestling Claims Hulk Hogan Blocked Them On Twitter After Their...

​Legends Of Wrestling Claims Hulk Hogan Blocked Them On Twitter After Their Scott Steiner Challenge



— Legends of Wrestling promoter Louis Gregory says that Hulk Hogan blocked the promotion on Twitter after Scott Steiner issued a million dollar challenge to him. Gregory said that Steiner’s challenge wasn’t legit and that when Hogan blocked the promotion’s Twitter account he knew he was “in Hogan’s head”:

“When Steiner put $1 million on the line if Hogan showed up and could slam him at our show this past weekend at CitiField, it was like a slap in the face to Terry Hogan. As the President of the LoW, I was obligated to proactively clarify that the “offer” was unsanctioned. However, as a fan, I knew Steiner’s gesture would ultimately embarrass Hulk Hogan. The reason being, our company is really hot right now and Steiner’s video reached the masses. Hogan couldn’t accept even if he wanted to, he’s not a Legends of Wrestling talent. But not to worry, we have more then our fair share of Legends! Bottom line, Legends of Wrestling is selling tickets, making waves and attracting attention and we are doing it our way and making sure the talent is taken care of. Brian Knobbs’ idea was literally on the money; Hogan may have slept on it, but I didn’t… point blank, period, end of story! I bet Hogan’s stomach turns every time he hears LoW and for that reason, for his own self preservation, he blocked us on Twitter. That in itself is a victory for me. I’m in Hulk Hogan’s head, he knows who I am and my inner 13 year old is running wild brother!”

— Here is an acoustic reggae take of Triple H’s theme song courtesy of Pro Wrestling Goes Acoustic:

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