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Editorial​Major Update: A Top EVOLVE Star Quits The Company - Multiple Statements...

​Major Update: A Top EVOLVE Star Quits The Company – Multiple Statements Issued – Details Inside



UPDATE x 2: Gabe Sapolsky issued the following statement to PWInsider on AR Fox’s comments and status with the promotion:

I am very disappointed to read Fox’s statement. He has been a very valuable member of our roster and I’ve enjoyed working with him through the years. We’ve had some great times together on the road.

I am very disheartened to read this but I must clarify a few things:

Fox confirmed the April 17th and 18th dates via text with me on March 17th. I contacted him on Facebook messenger on Monday to go over his matches for Florida. He then informed he had taken another booking on April 18th.

Without getting into great detail on the conversation, I treated Fox with the respect he deserved after everything we had been through together. He claimed that I “cussed” him”. I said the F word once in the context of saying, “This is F’d up.”

Fox also claims I used all caps, implying I was yelling at him. The only word in capital is the word “Never” in the context that we never canceled a booking on him.

I am very disappointed and sorry that our relationship has ended this way and wish Fox the greatest of success.

UPDATE: As reported yesterday, AR Fox may be done with EVOLVE Wrestling. Fox was reportedly unhappy with the promotion over various issues, including some of the flights they have booked for him. Fox took to his Facebook page to address the situation, posting the following:

Just sayin. This is the cards for next weeks EVOLVE shows. It’s 9 days away and not one match announced on this card. And since there’s a huge lack of communication checking the “DGUSA” website is how I know if I’m booked or not. So when there was about two weeks left I booked myself. And now they wanna take it personally that I was making sure I lined up booking so I didn’t have an empty weekend without even tryin to understand. Cause honestly my loyalty was to them of if we just talked like “adults” for a few mins I woulda ended up doin EVOLVE anyway cause that’s how I am. But instead I got responses in all caps with cusses. And tryin to future endeavor me like the WWE. Tellin me they wish me the best and hope to see me on Lucha Underground when a few months back they held me back from it when Lucha sent me details on a contract ha. And yea I didn’t like they flights they got me cause they were to the wrong f**kin state of course I didn’t like having my girl drive me an hour and a half to the airport and then pick me from there which means we’d hit tolls 4xs when they coulda just flew my from CT (like every other promoter that flies me) where the airport is 30 mins away from me with no tolls. So yea man they just made this shit into a storyline but this is what it is. Flights wouldnt of been an issue I still drive 15 hrs to shows. It was jus that our relation is goin on 5 years. I jus want everyone to Know I’m cool n jus wanna wrestle but they got sensitive way too quick over a booking.

ORIGINAL: AR Fox’s deal with is coming up, and word is that he may not be signing a new deal. According to sources, there have been issues between the two sides, including Fox being unhappy about some of the flights purchased for him. The promotion believed Fox was confirmed for EVOLVE’s return to Florida next weekend, but he went out and took other bookings without notifying the company.

Due to Fox not being on those shows, Rey Horus will be working the EVOLVE 41 and 42 events next weekend. He is getting a shot after impressing officials at the King of the Indies tournament over WrestleMania 31 weekend.

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