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EditorialNXT Round-Up

NXT Round-Up



NXT seems to be more off a third brand these days rather than a development territory. The talent that is on this roster is better than some on the main brands. It is a constant “must-watch” program week in and week out. There are some things that have stuck out and things to watch for in the next taping.

Asuka’s Vacancy

Asuka, by the far the most prolific NXT Women’s Champion yet, has had to vacate the belt due to an injury that will sideline her for nearly two months, ending her reign at 510 remarkable days. NXT seems to be the only brand to actual follow the 30-day championship defense rule. She is instead set to get the leap to the main roster and opens the door for the next champion. Who will i be?

The current women who have feuded with Asuka for the coveted belt probably feel like they should get the next shot. Ember Moon and Nikki Cross top the list of women who could battle it out for the championship, but rumors may upset them. The Mae Young Classic is in full swing and full of talent that will eventually end up signing with WWE. The winner of the tournament could become the next champion. A suitable option would to have the NXT women battle it out and have the top woman on the roster take on the Mae Young winner at a pay-per-view event. It’s all about the draw.

Drew McIntyre’s next contender

Bobby Roode left NXT in fashion when he dropped his title to McIntyre and ran for SmackDown Live. Drew couldn’t even enjoy his victory as his next contender was chosen when Adam Cole attacked with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly by his side. Cole has seemingly made himself the next man in line.

SAnitY also on the receiving end of Cole

SAnitY was laid out by Cole and his mates as well. The NXT Tag Team Champions could end up battling the newly formed group. Cole will most likely be a contender for the NXT Championship, but Fish and O’Reilly could spend their time locked with the tag team champions.

In Other Words…

The NXT Women’s Championship is without a champion but is still the most intriguing title on NXT, which speaks wonders for the women’s division. WWE will lookto keep the momentum going after the Mae Young Classic by possibly giving the winner a title shot. This could end up with some heat from the talent on the show if a newbie jumps all of them for the belt. Nonetheless, we will see several of the top stars from the tournament on NXT in the next few weeks. Bobby Roode’s presence will be greatly missed, but it seems like he is already forgotten. Just moments after losing his title in his final NXT match, Adam Cole and company stormed the ring and attacked new champion Drew McIntyre. Cole is set to be the next contender for the championship. The new group could also be headed for a feud with SAnitY, which would give the champions a fresh feud. NXT is going to remain entertaining regardless of losing two of the top attractions to the main roster. It’s just part of the business.


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