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EditorialRanking the WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021 Speeches

Ranking the WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021 Speeches



The WWE Hall of Fame inductions have come and gone. While we may have had shortened speeches and combined induction ceremonies, we got to see some awesome moments to recap (and cap off) the careers of legendary men in the wrestling industry. With that in mind, it’s time to rank to the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame induction speeches. These speeches will be ranked based on personality, length, and our general interest in what they had to say. Let’s start off with number seven!

Author’s Note: I will not be ranking the Legacy inductions for the 2021 Class as they are done via video package and there is no Hall of Fame induction/acceptance speech for these individuals. Nevertheless, the careers of Dick The Bruiser, Pez Whatley, Buzz Sawyer, Ethel Johnson, and Paul Boesch are preserved in the WWE Hall of Fame forever.

#7: Ozzy Osbourne

Discussing the validity of Osbourne’s deservingness to grace the WWE Hall of Fame would leave us with a tired and repetitive argument. While that subject has been debated to death by professional wrestling fans as of late, I would hate to reiterate the same tired points. Somehow, despite making only two appearances in the WWE, the powers that be believe Osbourne deserves to be placed in the company’s hall of fame. I could have shown him some grace and understanding if only he seemed interested in the ordeal.

Ozzy Osbourne’s induction speech was the definition of disinterest. Despite being one of the most charismatic men in the music industry to date, Ozzy Osbourne said nothing of note in his speech. Osbourne’s backyard pre-recorded fiasco involved a thank you to Vince McMahon and the wrestling universe in a 30-second post. Due to a lack of substance, Osbourne places at the bottom of this list.

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