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EditorialRob Van Dam Reveals What He Thought About His Last Run In...

Rob Van Dam Reveals What He Thought About His Last Run In WWE



Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam appeared on the WNS Podcast and spoke about the current WWE product as well as his last run with WWE.

On the current WWE product: “I actually don’t. Even when I’m on it unless I’m there watching in catering while the show’s going on live otherwise I don’t keep up with it. I certainly get a lot of feedback from fans because they’re everywhere. And everybody wants to tell me whether they’re happy or disappointed in what the wrestling product is. But you know it’s an art form. And the fans, it’s their job to receive that art expression and that’s the way it goes. The fans don’t dictate…I think a lot of the judgment is okay for conversation when they’re amongst themselves. But, as a wrestler, I think that when the fans really think that they know what would be better of they were in Vince’s position. They think they could run a global billion dollar company then I tend to think fan talks would probably be more enjoyed among themselves.”

On his last run with WWE: “I had some good matches because all the wrestlers up there are really good and I had some matches that I enjoyed with Seth (Rollins) and Cesaro. But, overall, it was nothing like the run the year before. 2013, I came back after many years off WWE television. They promoted it strong. Like maybe stronger than anybody’s return before with the video packages of RVD coming back. When I came back, I delivered. Money In The Bank match in Philadelphia, that was awesome. That whole run I had a good time in 2013. In 2014, it was like they had nothing for me. No big intros, the writers seemed to not notice I was there. Like my music hit the day after Wrestlemania and I kinda just walked out like I had always been there. It was good but I don’t think there was a lot of utilization put on RVD. That’s really the big reason I’m not in a hurry to go back.”

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