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EditorialMy Thoughts On The Jason Jordan Angle.

My Thoughts On The Jason Jordan Angle.



Hi everyone. A brief article to explain how I feel about the storyline between Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle. Let’s start with the negatives shall we? Firstly, the way they hyped the announcement had me guessing that something huge was going down. Whether it be Angle being found to have done something he shouldn’t have .. or someone like Dixie Carter showing up to screw him and the WWE universe, I was wrong to believe something shocking could happen. Instead .. Jordan was announced as Angle’s illegitimate son, and the first thing I thought of was this:

And remember how that turned out? It tried to get Finlay and Hornswoggle over as babyfaces, but it was more of an excuse to keep Mr. McMahon on TV. This is the kind of crap which made me look elsewhere for my wrestling. I didn’t want to know this story then .. and I’m not really into it now. However, I am open to being proven wrong. Part of me wants this to succeed because Jason Jordan is an amazing talent and was wasted on Smackdown. I want this to work for Angle, Jordan, and Chad Gable as he’s got the opportunity to prove himself as a singles wrestler. Jordan’s been given a gift .. but I don’t know how fans will react.

The biggest problem with this kind of story is the internet exists and it’s very easy to look someone up to find out whether they are related. It’s obvious Jason Jordan is not related to Angle. Nevertheless, Angle did a great job of selling it to the crowd. Some casual fans will be fooled and I think that’s who WWE is aiming for. WWE wants casual fans to believe Jordan is related to Angle so they can make him into a big deal. Fans are more likely to watch him by association, but for anyone remotely “smart” it’s not going to fool ’em. It’s not just farfetched .. it’s ridiculous and insulting of fans intelligence. Your enjoyment depends on if you can suspend your disbelief hard enough to appreciate the story. I have to admit .. I’m going to suspend mine as much as possible to give it a chance.

And this is when I highlight the positives. Like I said above, Chad Gable is free to branch out as a singles talent. Kurt gets some emphasis, which is great as he’s been a matchmaker and not much else since returning. Jordan is the biggest winner, as he was doing nothing on Smackdown and wasn’t deserving of sitting on his backside. This is a chance to show the world what he’s about, and if he does what he did in NXT he’ll be fine. I’ve got no doubt that Jordan could be a star in the near future. At least WWE are trying something different? Well .. it’s not, it’s similar to Vince and Hornswoggle, except this time it’s a passing of the torch to a young talent who will be around a long time.

The only downfall of Jordan is his character. He hasn’t had much character development unlike Gable who worked on his in NXT. He moves like Angle, he’s the son of Angle .. but can he do it on the microphone like his “dad”? Will he adopt the Angle Slam and the Angle Lock? I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out .. but I know I’ll have that nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me “they ain’t related!”. I hope I can just .. ignore it and enjoy the making of a star. It was obvious WWE would do something with Angle and American Alpha, but I never imagined they’d go this far. What are your thoughts? Is it promising? Ridiculous? Best thing ever? Or is it a Hornswoggle McMahon rehash? Please let us know in the comments below. Cheers for reading.

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