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EditorialTiffany's Takes: Being the Elite #191 and AEW Dark - Austin, Texas

Tiffany’s Takes: Being the Elite #191 and AEW Dark – Austin, Texas



This Tiffany’s Takes will be covering the AEW YouTube shows. Share in the resulting stream of consciousness!

Being the Elite #191 – The One with All the Shadiness

Tiffany's Takes

  • Brandon! Who is singing? They aren’t awful, but who is singing in the toilet? I’m guessing a Young Buck…possibly Matt, it sounds like Matt anyway. Ooh, I was right!
  • Cody’s on again! Oh, the Bucks will never live this down! No, it’s all good and everyone’s happy.
  • I find it odd that Cody is still considered a cast member of BTE since he’s almost NEVER on.
  • Cancelled flights SUCK! I’ve never flown but that sucks. So, the Bucks have to drive from SoCal to TX, that is a 22 hour drive, YIKES! Maybe they should take a Greyhound or the train. Wait, they’re going to see about trying to fly out, but for now, shopping.
  • Dude, Bucks are in Hot Topic and there’s a T-shirt with Kofi Kingston’s picture on it.
  • Brandon is such a nerd. Matt’s never seen Star Wars?! How can you be friends with Cody, and not love Star Wars?!
  • Okay, they’re on the plane…eight hours later, totally missed their meetings and have to fly Economy. Maybe they should’ve just driven there. They’d at least be out of California by then…I think.
  • Oh, Bucks apologizing to Page. I get where the Bucks are coming from, Page has been pretty flakey. Friendship means more than the W/L record…in what wrestling promotion? So, we’re just going to gloss over Page’s drinking problem?
  • Brandon explaining the Battle Royal to Page. Uh oh, what is Page thinking?
  • Oh, not Statlander. I don’t get her or the gimmick. At least Trent is being…welcoming…I guess. This is like the most awkward lunch table at school
  • Barista!Matt in the house! Guess the espresso machine made it and Scorpio Sky is the first customer of the day. Matt’s using JR to get Sky to get the coffee. DUDE, you’re asking your co-workers/employees to TIP you? Guess Sky either does’t like the coffee or he objected to 2 Cold Scorpio being on his cup. Here comes Christopher Daniels! NO, this is espresso, not Starbucks!
  • We are pre-tag match and Page is already drinking, but here are TH2, or H2O, whatever you prefer. What is Page up to? Did he just tell a heel team that a member of a face team has an injured body part when BOTH teams are going to be in a match against each other? DUDE! Not being a friend here! What the actual fuck, Page? Are you afraid that the Bucks are going to beat you and Omega? That ass is going to tell every heel team in the place about Matt! What a dick! And also telling face teams doesn’t make it better.
  • Okay, doing that while in the shower AND drinking is seriously surreal. Love that cover, I’m guessing Page was wearing SOMETHING!
  • Omega has an idea, ooh, he wants to come up with a name for their team and show their dynamic…such as it is. Page does NOT want to be part of the Elite or be reminded of it.
  • Okay, Omega’s explanation comes across as SO condescending. WTF, just happened? We’re getting a buddy movie? I’m with Page, back to the drawing board, Kenny.

AEW Dark – Austin Asswhipping 

We’re still in Austin, TX! No Dasha? We were promised Dasha this week! Or was it next week?

Kris Statlander vs Diamante

I’m glad Diamante is being given another match, I really like her. Statlander I’m less enthused about.

this match was really good, I just wished I liked Statlander more. She’s a great competitor, but the gimmick is stupid. Plus, Diamante isn’t getting a chance to shine like she did in her match with Big Swole, which is very disappointing. This match was also shorter than the one against Big Swole. Statlander won, but this was a pretty disappointing match, especially after Diamante and Swole.

TH2 vs Best Friends

Gotta confess, I don’t have huge hopes for this match, I’m not a huge fan of either team, but it should be a good match, at least on paper.

Okay, this was a better match than I really expected, too much flippy stuff, but some good storytelling. TH2 going after Orange Cassidy was interesting. TH2 do a little too many flips and high flying stuff for me, but the balance with Best Friends, who did more mat stuff was nice.

That powerbomb of Jack Evans onto Angelico’s back was cringey. I’m not sure what Best Friends call their tag team finisher, but I always wonder how they manage to not get their opponent in the balls. Best Friends won, have some momentum for tomorrow, everyone gets a hug. Guess Cassidy is still sore about being attacked

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Christi Jaynes vs Big Swole

Christi Jaynes must be a new signee, or potential signee. Her outfit is pretty. Love the dance moves. Swole feeling it tonight.

Jaynes waiting for Swole to finish so they can get on with it. Okay, she’s pretty good. Not great, but she’s not terrible.

I like this match a LOT better than Statlander/Diamante. The newbie is getting her kicks in and Swole made her look good. It could’ve gone a little longer, but that match was really good. I’m guessing with the Bucks main eventing, their expecting that match to go long, so every other match had to be short. How long until we get Big Swole in the title picture?

QT Marshall and Peter Avalon vs Young Bucks

I’m guessing that QT Marshall is AEW’s utility player: Face or heel at a moment’s notice. I like QT just wanting to get the match going, so that means putting up with Avalon’s yapping.

This match was good. It’s nice to see the Bucks wrestling, but it really seemed like a 3 on 1 handicap match: The Bucks and Marshall vs Peter Avalon. I like how they made no secret about Marshall not wanting to fight his buddies, the Bucks, but just doing what he was asked to do. Avalon is such a schnook. Bucks win, no big surprise. I’m more surprised that the match was so short, I was expecting a twenty minute epic or something.

That’s it for the AEW YouTube Tiffany’s Takes! Stay tuned tomorrow for Dynamite coverage.


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