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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dynamite 3-18-20

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite 3-18-20



The Coronavirus chaos has spread to AEW, forcing them to seek refuge in Daily’s Place. Will the Elites still rule the evening without the crowd?

Cody!  I’m thankful that wrestling is still around to distract us from the absolute chaos. That said, AEW with no crowd is weird as fucking hell. I love Cody trying to play peacemaker in the Elite, but I’m Team Matt Jackson in this. Page has been acting shady and flaky for months and it’s no one’s fault but his own. Making Matt be the better man when Page is the one being a dick is insulting.

Okay, Cody, cut the BS, ask Mox to join the Inner Circle at Blood and Guts.

Best Friends vs Lucha Brothers

Okay, I like that AEW is at least having wrestlers in the crowd. Also love Brandi picking up the mic to fill in for Justin Roberts.

This was a really good match, no big surprise. Even with the locker room in the crowd, it was fabulous. Lucha Bros win but I’m intrigued by the Street Fight suggestion. Also the social distancing hug was hilarious.

Penelope Ford vs Riho vs Hikaru Shida vs Kris Statlander

Where are Big Swole and Britt Baker? Shida and Statlander beating up Ford and Sabian was hilarious. I’m a little puzzled why there didn’t seem to be anyone in the crowd for this match unless they didn’t want it to seem like the guys were catcalling them.

Okay, this match is fantastic! AEW putting the best performers of the Women’s Division on to really showcase the potential of the division is brilliant! I’m SOO happy that Shida won! Her vs Nyla Rose is going to amazing!

Tony Schiavone and Colt Cabana

I don’t like Colt Cabana. He just does nothing for me.

Jon Moxley

Mox still isn’t cleared, which sucks. I love him rubbing in that lovely car. I want him in Blood and Guts SOO bad. Also, he doesn’t fit in his car, which makes me laugh.

Butcher and Blade vs Jurassic Express

Like that they’re keeping the guys in the crowd. Fabulous match by both teams. Think MJF needs to find new lackeys, Butcher and Blade keep letting him down.

Exalted One Reveal

Sorry, this is a no for me. If AEW is serious about maximizing Dark Order’s potential, Brodie Lee is not the person to be the Exalted One. He’s a mid-card talent at best who has never had a successful gimmick on his own. I’m hoping that it’ll be revealed to be a lie and Matt Hardy is the REAL Exalted One later.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts

Whoever thought of this pairing deserves a raise. Archer’s pretty good on the mic, but pairing him with a mic master like Jake Roberts is genius.

Upcoming Card for Next Dynamite…Whenever That Is
  • Lumberjack Match – Luchasaurus vs Wardlow
  • Best Friends vs Lucha Brothers
  • Blood and Guts NEXT WEEK

Inner Circle vs Elite

Love Brandi keeping kayfabe by not being enthusiastic about the Inner Circle.

Love Guevara singing ‘Judas’ for Jericho.

I loved this match! Even without a big crowd, it was a fun match to watch. I LOVE the locker room being the crowd and cheering everyone on. I’m not surprised Inner Circle won, the heels always had the advantage in the original War Games. Matt Hardy being revealed as the fill in for Nick Jackson was a surprise but also a disappointment. I get why because of his connection to the Bucks, but it feels like they’re trying to throw a bone to the people who were expecting Hardy to be the Exalted One. Mox would be a better fit for the Nick fill in since he has history with the Inner Circle, but I’m hoping his role in Blood and Guts will be a run in situation. We’ll see next week…hopefully.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW Dynamite Takes! Tune in next week for more coverage…hopefully.

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