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EditorialTony Khan Drops A Grumpy On The TNT Championship

Tony Khan Drops A Grumpy On The TNT Championship



Like many of you, I too am obsessed with the Johnny Depp trial. One day I will date Amber Heard, mark my words. You may have seen Johnny’s testimony where he testified about “fecal matter in the bed” by using the term, “dropping a grumpy”. Well, that’s what AEW did this past Wednesday on Dynamite to the TNT Title. It wasn’t a grumpy from a small four-pound dog, it wasn’t even a human-sized grumpy. Unfortunately, Tony Khan dropped a gigantic elephant-sized grumpy on the TNT Championship.


I don’t want to be one of those “Tony Khan sucks” Stans, but does this editorial make me a Stan or a Mark? I’m not sure, let me know in the comments. Well, regardless, Khan has forced my hand with his amateur booking of the TNT Title over the past two years. When the title changed hands again for the billionth time on Dynamite this week, I was screaming and punching my $2mil 370-inch Titan Zeus TV. The headline of this article easily could have been “LOUD NOISES!” but, whatever.

First of all, why in the hell do you have Ethan Page walking out on stage with Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky only to turn right back around and leave? And if Page VanZant is in the group, then why in the hell didn’t she come out with them and join them all ringside? AEW does this with Bunny and her faction as well, it is so stupid and annoying. It’s a faction, have them all come to the damn ring, not turn right back around and leave! But, anyway, that’s not why we’re here, we’re here to talk about how worthless the TNT title has become, much like WWE’s 24/7 Title, so let’s get into it.

Prestige Worldwide, The First Word In Entertainment

Prestige, a title belt in any wrestling organization should hold a certain level of prestige. Since its inception, the TNT Title has changed hands eleven times, yes, ELEVEN TIMES! That is just ridiculous, and stupid, it really is. At first, the belt looked horrible. AEW tried to use the pandemic as an excuse for not being able to get a proper belt made. Do you mean to tell me you can spend millions acquiring cut talent, but you couldn’t spend $3K-$5K (that’s about what they cost) to get a real belt made? Thankfully they fixed its appearance, eventually. But it doesn’t matter what it looks like when a different talent has it every other week.

The TNT Title should be the steppingstone to the AEW World Title, which by the way, is missing in action. Where are you Hangman Page? AEW, where is your World Champion? So, as of late, the TNT Title has changed hands more often than the 24/7 Title. This makes the title pretty much worthless. The strap had so much potential in the beginning, and now, in my professional and highly educated opinion, its prestige is now officially lesser than that of WWE’s 24/7 title. This is due to horrendous booking decisions, or indecisions, should I say.

A Not So Brief History

Alright, here is the part of the editorial where I bust out an old-school numbered list and rant angrily. Keep in mind, that all of what you are about to read happened within just 23 months. In order, here is how the TNT Title has played musical wrestlers to date. Buckle up, here we go.

  1. Cody Rhodes books himself as the first TNT Champion by defeating Lance Archer (stop jobbing him Tony Khan, the man deserves better) at Double or Nothing in May of 2020. Rhodes held the title for 91 days and kept his word on his weekly open challenge to any wrestler from any independent. I actually loved this booking and I think that this was one of the best TNT Championship runs.
  2. MR. Brodie Lee wins the title from Cody in a match that didn’t even last three minutes. He would only hold the title for 46 days. RIP Mr. Brodie Lee.
  3. Cody Rhodes wins the TNT title back from Mr. Brodie Lee in a violent Dog Collar match. This was easily one of the top 3 matches in AEW’s history to date. If you’ve never seen this match, you owe it to yourself as a wrestling fan to track it down online and watch the full match, it was an instant classic. Cody holds the belt this time for only 31 days.
  4. Darby Allin wins the TNT strap from Cody Rhodes in a slobber knocker of a match. Darby holds on to the title for 186 days. It was an impressive run, and to be honest, Darby Allin should have held it longer. Darby should still be in the TNT Title mix, but alas, he is not.
  5. Next up, Miro gets the TNT Championship from Darby and holds on to it for 140 days, but then the dude just disappears. Where is Miro? Miro’s weird promos were some of the best AEW has ever aired. Hopefully, God’s favorite champion returns soon because AEW needs him right now.
  6. Sammy Guevara wins the TNT Title from Miro and starts his first run. The fans loved him, and then, well the whole Tay Conti thing happened, and blah blah blah. Sammy holds the belt for 87 days in a good run with some great matches.
  7. Cody gets the belt back from Sammy, big shocker! This time he holds it for only 32 days and looking back now, you have to wonder why because he knew he was on his way back to WWE at that point. Horrible booking, absolutely horrible.
  8. Unfortunately, this is where things start to fall apart. Enter the TNT Interim Title, won by Sammy in a match vs grizzled old Dustin Rhodes, AKA Goldust. Interim titles belong in boxing, not in wrestling. To be honest, interim titles have ruined boxing, amongst other things. This was just a trash idea, and the interim belt is trash. Keep interim belts in the boxing alphabet soup and out of wrestling. Hopefully, we never have to see the TNT Interim Title belt ever again.
  9. Sammy wins the TNT Title back (like a week or two later if I remember correctly) in what would be Cody Rhodes’s final AEW match. It was a brutal ladder match, probably the best in AEW so far. Sammy holds the belt for 42 days, along with that stupid interim belt. Somewhere around this time, Sammy and Tay Conti decide to turn heel because they can’t handle the trolls on the internet. Or did Tay and Sammy brilliantly turn the tables on the keyboard warriors and use it to their advantage? Only time will tell.
  10. Scorpio Sky wins the belt from Sammy, and holds it for just 38 days. To be honest I don’t even remember hardly ever seeing the dude on TV or defending the title the entire time. Dan Lambert, who is better on the mic than most wrestlers, wears the stupid interim belt around his waist ringside during this period, and that’s really all I remember about this unmemorable title reign.
  11. Sammy starts the stupid “look at me and my girlfriend” bit that none of the fans want and wins the belt back from Scorpio Sky. He holds the title this time for a whopping ELEVEN DAYS! A number that is a conspiracy theorist’s dream, the number 11, what a coincidence.
  12. And then, finally, at the time of the writing of this editorial, Scorpio Sky wins the belt back from Sammy in, you guessed it, another ladder match. The match was plagued by no-sells and injuries. To make things worse, Paige VanZant shockingly got a standing ovation when she ran out and attacked Tay Conti. Imagine that? The fans cheering Paige VanZant, who has yet to have a match, and booing Tay Conti, when it was just the other way around like two or three weeks ago. I like Paige VanZant, hopefully, her AEW run turns out to be a good one, but again, only time will tell.

And, well, here we are, with Scorpio Sky as your reigning and defending TNT Champion. If your head is spinning after reading all of that shit, then I sincerely apologize to you, my fellow passionate wrestling fan.

Can The TNT Title Be Saved?

Yes, the hopeful answer is yes, but the likely answer is more like a “maybe”. I like Scorpio Sky, he’s a great wrestler and has the potential to be a great TNT Champion. The man is good on the mic, he’s good as a face and a heel, he is also a college dropout, and I can appreciate that. He won’t be able to save the TNT Title on his own though. The man needs a real feud with a real storyline.

So, a good storyline, with who, you ask? What if Ethan Page turns on him? Swerve is there now, that’d be a good feud. Or, what about a quadruple dog collar match? Scorpio Sky vs Keith Lee, Swerve, and Hook, for the TNT Title. The match ends with a blood-soaked ring and Scorpio Sky coming out victorious. Yes, I included Hook in that match. Hook seems to be more popular right now than Scorpio Sky, or anyone for that matter, so why not? You’re welcome for the brilliant booking idea Tony Khan. Book it, save the TNT Title, make it happen Tony.

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