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Editorial​Top 5 Matches Of 2015 So Far

​Top 5 Matches Of 2015 So Far



This year we have witnessed some of the most incredible matches. Great wrestling matches are usually few and in-between, but with the emergence of the new generation of wrestlers 2015 is turning out to be one hell of a year for wrestling matches.

And we’re only half way through the year ! ! !

Let’s take a look at some of the best matches so far from my point of view.

#5 Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (NXT Take-Over: Unstoppable)

This match stands up against the absolute best matches of the year, if not the decade, regardless of gender. This wasn’t just the greatest match in NXT history, this was among the greatest matches in WWE history even if the work alone didn’t quite earn five stars like Punk/Cena 2011, this match is simply too important to the professional wrestling landscape to rate it anything less than five. It was the best women’s match that’s ever taken place imo. Give them time, give them a spotlight, give them issues of substance, and get out of their way. Let them do what they do best. Let these wrestlers kick ass. They’ve already proven they can.

The match @ NXT Unstoppable was for the women’s wrestling, standing up for what is right, and it absolutely was that. #GiveDivasAChance

#4 Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley (TNA iMPACT)

I don’t give TNA much credit these days but TNA did a great job covering this main event as if it were an MMA fight of some sort showing a real-fight feel. Lashley and Angle moved away from that typical Angle script on Impact.

There were high-risk maneuvers from the top and Lashley nearly beating Angle with his own submission hold was a unique twist.almost immediately, Josh Matthews and Taz began to comment on the controversy surrounding the pin-fall. Lashley was clearly not happy with the finish. Kurt and Lashley shook hands out of respect to close the show. The match itself was epic in all proportions. After the tapings Lashley said he looked at the tape and Kurt didn’t win.

If you missed this match, I recommend trying to find it.

#3 Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena. (Royal Rumble Triple Threat Match)

The Beast Incarnate destroyed both of his competitors early, hitting multiple suplexes on both of them. Seth Rollins stole the show with a jaw-dropping jump off the top rope to deliver a flying elbow to Lesnar. Cena hit Lesnar with the steel steps to immobilize him on the Spanish announce table, and Rollins jumped at least 10 feet from the top rope to demolish Lesnar. Medics brought a stretcher out for Lesnar while Rollins and Cena beat each other up in the ring, but Lesnar eventually returned to take out both opponents with German suplexes and finished off Rollins with an F5 retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This match in my opinion was one of the best triple threat matches of all time, great spots and selling by Brock – not selling the AA’s were great for how he’s been booked and selling the table injury outside was also great. Rollins put on a fantastic performance and shows that he is in my opinion one of the best wrestlers in the company right now and Cena also did a pretty decent job.

#2 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kota Ibushi

This match was incredible! One of my favorite matches of all time, bar none. It’s that damn good. I believe Shinsuke Nakamura is truly one of the the greatest wrestlers alive, he oozes charisma, he is a revelation. Ibushi is also a marvel, one of the best high fliers I have seen, and NJPW is lucky to still have these two.

The way Nakamura played with Ibushi’s head, only for Ibushi to turn it around on Nakamura, was an amazing piece of psychology, and every part of this match worked together without the slightest hitch, from the awe inspiring strikes to the gorgeous aerials and everything in between. Ibushi’s german suplex off the top rope was insane. MOTY candidate for sure.

#1 John Cena vs Kevin Owens. (Money In The Bank)

For the second PPV in a row, Kevin Owens and John Cena stole the show at Money In The Bank. You don’t walk in expecting all these moves in one match, especially in a Cena match. It’s the ability of his opponent and Cena’s ability to work with it that made this match speacial. It was so awesome that it not only got multiple ‘This Is Awesome’ chants, but the audience just couldn’t help but stand in awe at this classic match that was in front of them.

Their feud has been built upon personal dislike for each other, and two matches over the course of a few weeks just isn’t enough.Owen’s mocking of Cena is just gold, he’s saying all the right things we as fans need to hear. The ongoing feud between Owens and Cena is the best thing WWE have got right now. There rivalry seems to be far from over. Winning that match wasn’t enough for Owens, though, as he then proceeded to attack the United States champion.

(PS…. I think it’s time the fan’s started to respect Cena a little bit more, i know i do)

Thanks for reading.

Do you agree?

What was your MOTY candidate so far?

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