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EditorialTranslating Scott Steiner – The Rants Of April 2012 (2/2)

Translating Scott Steiner – The Rants Of April 2012 (2/2)



No need for an introduction as this is the second part. It includes strong language and cursing. Read through the first if you’d like to get caught up: >> The Rants Of April 2012 (1/2)

April 17th

The ppv on sunday had a crowd of 2,500-3,000 that had alot of freebies, considering that TNA is based out of Nashville that is really bad, along with the horrible rating on thursday, Hogan bitchoff n pritchard are going to sink Tna, both bitchoffs got zero reaction during their entrances. An Enstein quote;”we cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them”. Bitchoff n hogan R too stupid to turn Tna around, and with the embarassing attendance of this wkend’s ppv, the sinking of the titanic Tna will happen just like WCW….it is crazy that Tna is based in Nashville and even with giving away free tickets there was only 2,500-3,000 ppl there. Since Dixie loves twitter why dont U fans tweet her and tell her what the nielson ratings are telling her. Bitchoff n hogan suck and nobody wants to watch them or the future garrett, Bitchoff n hogan have bn in Tna for about 2 1/2 yrs WTF they are not all of a sudden going to grow a brain.

Translation: Steiner felt the PPVs attendance was very weak, and it should be blamed on Bischoff, Hogan and Prichard. He gets Dixie Carter (the current president of TNA) involved in his rants. He seems to think Dixie doesn’t check the ratings, so he advises fans to remind her what she should already know.

April 18th

When hogan attacked Kurt Angle (who was the Tna champion at the time) both professionally n personally that really crossed the line, and pissed alot of wrestlers off, saying kurt had two left feet is ridiculous considering he is an Olympic Champion, kurt has two beautiful young children and for hogan to say anything about them is bullshit. Karen ripped him a new asshole and all he could say was im sorry i got tongue tied. WTF “tongue tied”. The next day at tv’s everybody thought kurt was going to kick hos(his) ass but lucky for hogan kurt is a laid back guy and could care less what hogan says or does, so im in the locker rm with kurt and a couple other guys, and hogan comes in and stays by the door not coming all the way in, im thinking why isnt he coming in its not like he could outrun anybody, and he asks kurt if everything is cool, kurt half laughs and says yeah. I look at hogans hands and they’re shaking worse than a parkinison patient feeding birds at the park, he asks kurt about 5x if everything is cool and then leaves, and we bust out laughing, typical hogan what a fucking cunt. Thats not the first time i saw hogan’s tail go between his legs and walk away or in his case, his balls schivel up into his vagina and walk away.

Translation: Steiner is very protective of his former Main Event Mafia stablemate Kurt Angle. Hogan said in an interview: ““You know I talked to his wife and she said he’s a horrible driver. The whole time they were married she wouldn’t even let him drive the kids. He texts when he drives, he’s great in the ring as far as focusing but his people skills are horrible. He’s got two left feet, and it translates into his driving. I’m not making any excuses for him, but I want to know what the facts are before I pass any judgement.” – Karen responded to him in anger, and this is what Scott was referring to a year after the comments. Hogan was apparently scared to death of Angle not being cool with him.

April 21st

Another horrible rating for thursdays tv show,and of course they blame it on technical difficulties, instead of the brutal booking of pritchard hogan n bitchoff, after 2 1/2 yrs of bad ratings not sure what its going to take to see the obvious, they cant keep ignoring the fans of Tna, you fans are the backbone of wrestling, so the ppl who were fans of Tna b4 Hogan n bitchoff got there n dont want them to destroy Tna like they did WCW keep the momentum going, when u see a hogan or bitchoff segment turn the channel wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss a thing. Keep tweeting dixie she loves her twitter…… you fans have a voice save Tna. Been getting alot of support bcuz alot of fans recognize that im telling the truth and realize what im trying to do. But some still dont get it so i will respond to those; someone said write a book.. maybe one day i will but right now i’d rather save Tna.

Some ppl think im bn negative, no im telling whats happening in Tna and its the truth and its negative, if i was lying You would think ONE person would say so.. im not trashing Tna im trashing hogan n bitchoff who are trashing Tna. Another one was cant read my tweets bcuz they r negative.. no they are whats happening in Tna now since hogan n bitchoff took control I’ve bn tweeting for 2 &1/2 wks but the guys have bn putting up with this negative bullshit for 2 1/2 yrs. Get real bitch 95% of support has bn positive but i will respond to some of the negative that dont seem to get it. Garrett is about to understand negative when he finds out what the # 609 represents.. when a bitchoff is in the ring chant 609.

Translation: A bit of repetition, except this time he acknowledges the postive reaction to his messages, as well as those who criticize him for what they believe are lies and unnecessary negativity.

April 22nd

Reading pro wrestling webpage and hogan is like a pull string doll, pull his string and if hes sayin “What ya gonna do” or “say yur prayers take yur vitamins” he sounds ok. But if hes not sayin his lines he sounds like a fucking idiot… Open fight night….REALLY..all that is-indy wrestlers who nobody will know or care about having a tryout match, taking away valuable air time from the guys who are already there, try using that air time for a storyline or character development… 3 judges …Really…their isnt one person that believes the 3 judges decide who gets a still u 3 assholes pritchard bitchoff n U.. yur problem is U think Yur smarter than everybody but ppl see thru yur bullshit and yur insulting the fans intelligence. Wtf yur planning the nxt wrestling boom….really..hogan yur a con man, a used car salesman and its hard to believe that ppl in Tna & Spike Tv actually believe yur bullshit.. yur just stringing them along so U continue to Collect a paycheck.. if u had any great ideas u would have used them already. FUCK-you been in Tna for 2 1/2 yrs now… u waiting Einstein…the more u talk the stupider u sound. Check with bitchoff for ideas; maybe he still has David Arquette’s # on speed dial.

U listen to PEOPLE….Really….well the neilson ratings system is telling U that PEOPLE Arent watching you so listen to the PEOPLE, they dont want U and bitchoff to do what u did to WCW. Catching U sprewing yur bullshit and lies is too easy..if U listen to ppl like u claim where is Jeff Jarrett the founder of Tna & the guy who ran Ring ka King, he has his critics, everybody does. Hes not perfect nobody is; but the facts are Tna’s ratings were better than U 3 assholes Lets examine what U did with him;U tried to bury him thru character assasination& when U 3 Couldnt make him quit U 3 got him sent home; instead of trying to impress us on how U are going to create the nxt wrestling boom LOL;,explain yur behind closed door polictics & tactics, and what u said to convince Dixie to send her own business partner in Tna home. I think ppl would find that much more interesting, too see what a piece of shit u really are, and the longer U 3 are in charge the more collateral damage there is going to be; there isnt one person u have built up;U 3 have torn everybodys character down.

Translation: He completely destroys the Open Fight Night concept. Also says Hogan has no good ideas at all. He goes on to how they schemed to get rid of Dixie’s business partner Jeff Jarrett. And while Double J wasn’t perfect, the ratings were better under his leadership.

April 23rd

Open fight night makes Tna look so “Bush League”so an indy wrestler who nobody knows or cares about can demand a title; way to de-value the world title. So world title holders have to stand backstage like jabron’s and an indy wrestler can call them out Way to break down the pecking order, dumbass. Can u imagine Stone Cold the Rock, John Cena, Undertaker all warming up backstage, waiting for some indy wrestler too call them out. WTF are u kidding me, pritchard hogan n bitchoff are F’n stupid way to build up yur champions.

Translation: Blasts Open Fight Night more, by saying that pitting indy wrestlers against world champions is the worst thing you can do for any world championship.

April 27th

Im glad everybody is agreeing with what i said last wk about open fight night. Brillant booking by the 3 assholes what a waste of airtime on the indy really, is everybody believing me now that pritchard was just a go’fer in the WWE, how many bad shows do the Tna fans have to suffer thru b4 Tna n spike tv officials realize he is lying. Keep tweeting to voice yur opinon to save Tna from the same fate as WCW. How stupid fake n out of date did hogans backstage promos look, like i said if hogan isnt sayin his catchphrases he sounds like a FF’n idiot. Its clear that nobody cares about eric or garrett bitchoff bcuz their segments draw low ratings. So u would think that with him “leaving” having another segment on him would be the last thing they would do….but of course they had 4-5 segments on him which was brutal n hard to watch, how fake did it look when garrett took eric to the port o john and Then put him in.. thus ending with a SHIT shot on a SHIT show.

Translation: Some more repetition, before getting in to Eric Bischoff “leaving” TNA. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was just wrote off TV so he could focus on backstage stuff. And I agree, it was a shit shot on a shit show. The only thing I can remember is how bad the end was, which was easily worse than the rest of the show combined. I do not recommend watching it. No one should ever see this again.


The crazy thing about Steiner’s rants? They go on .. and on, and on, while staying true. I don’t want to make anymore articles on this topic, as I think there’s only so much Booty Daddy anyone can take; even the women can’t handle him after five minutes.

The rants were done in anger, and he had to deal with the Twitter word limit, making them a painful read. If you tried to piece it together (and gave up, or failed), I hope this two-part article cleared it up for you. He makes a lot of sense, and it’s refreshing to see a wrestler who isn’t afraid to say what everyone else’s thinking. Steiner may be incredibly accomplished, but I like to think his promos, interviews, and tweets .. will live on in the memory of all those who were lucky enough to know this genetic freak. Holla! If you hear me!


  • May 1st – Scott mentions how TNA doesn’t fly Mike Tenay and Taz over to TV tapings anymore, as they need to save money due to Bischoff & Hogan’s contracts. They do voiceovers instead.
  • Mentions Eric ripping on Jeremy Borash, which got him major heat backstage. They tried to defuse the heat by having JB challenge Eric on-air, but Garrett saving the day ruined it.
  • Says the plans originally scheduled for Hogan’s son and Bischoff’s son to get major pushes together.
  • May 2nd – Wrecks the company for changing the philosophy to “wrestling matters”, and then doing nothing to change how the show is presented.
  • Goes in to Orlando Jordan’s openly gay gimmick, which flopped considerably as families with kids were appauled by him lusting over men sexually. He didn’t bash Jordan for being gay, he just said that the company failed to recognize its target audience.
  • Says Hogan considered booking himself as TNA World Champion. Also his ex-wife called him gay.
  • May 3rd – Laughs at Hogan’s idea of encouraging fans to video tape wrestlers TMZ style, although it’s clearly a breach of privacy, and not everyone’s a camera whore.
  • Calls Hogan names after he finally responds to him, following weeks of tweets.
  • Responds to Bischoff (who called him a drug abuser), by saying Garrett did the same thing to become a wrestler.
  • He explains what #609 means, which was Bischoff’s docket while swearing under oath in Atlanta’s Gold Club trial. The full docket being: 1:19-CR-609.
  • Ends the day by threatening them both (Bischoff/Hogan), and saying he will show them how ruthless he can be.
  • May 9th – After days of continued ranting, Steiner reveals the true meaning behind #609. He says Bischoff went to court over a stripper he hired for himself and his wife. He said Bischoff would watch them, and join in later. The problem occurred when Bischoff gave her a low tip. She left furious, and went to tell her boss about it. Her boss gave her a bigger tip out of the register, which was being monitored by the FBI; which is how he got caught up in it.
  • May 10th – Steiner and James Storm were scheduled to have a match, but just as they were to gear up (they’d already been through the finish), he was told he was no longer in the match. He blames the bookers for it.
  • May 15th – Scott reveals he has not tweeted lately as he had a warning from Hogan and Bischoff’s lawyers. It did not stop him going on a rant about Brooke Hogan though!
  • May 17th – He laughs very hard over Brooke Hogan’s response to him, which was she “could make more money on her back than he ever did in his entire career”. He said even if she did a porno, she’d still never make that much. Better yet, she should do one with her dad.
  • June 10th – A big gap. Scott explains the reason being because a high ranking TNA official he respects, asked him to stop tweeting .. as it was hurting the company. It didn’t stop him though, as he literally posted dozens of tweets ripping Brooke Hogan a new one.
  • He kept tweeting til the end of June, and then disappeared. He returned in 2013 and 14, but posted very rarely, and never anything about TNA. He became more active in 2015, but remained quiet about Hogan/Bischoff etc.
  • Midway through 2015, he said Hogan and Donald Sterling need to play Russian Roulette with all the bullets in the chamber. He rips Hogan for his racist rant, before going quiet. He returned in August/early September to go on a rant about Hogan’s racism controversy, and how he’s going to cut babyface promos to weasel out of it.
  • On the 16th, he explained that the FBI had footage of when he apparently assaulted Hogan and his wife in an airport. Nothing happened on the tape, so Hogan lied to try to get him put in prison. He said Hogan lied about his whereabouts too .. which pissed WWE off, so they banned him from the Hall of Fame ceremony. Hogan has yet to be allowed back as of this writing.

Thanks for joining me again! I’ll have more articles up next month, as I continue with the Royal Rumble series, VHS tape series, and some one-off pieces I hope you enjoy. See you laters.

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