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Virgil & Daniel Bryan React To Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant – What Do They Have To Say?, & More



TMZ has updated its story with comments from former WCW and WWE Superstar Virgil, who has come to Hogan’s defense and says he does not believe Hogan is racist. Virgil says he was saddened when he read about Hulk Hogan’s comments on the tape and said he does not condone racism or racist behavior.

However, he stated on Hogan, “You can only judge a person based on past experience. Hulk Hogan has never given me a reason to believe he is a racist.”

105.3 The Fan out of Dallas, Texas recently spoke to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and asked for his thoughts on the recent controversy regarding Hulk Hogan’s racist rant. Below was his response on the matter:

“I’ve never seen that side of him and it’s crazy, all this stuff, like I just …the first time I heard about it was an interview about 20 minutes ago, because I’ve been doing book-signing stuff like all day [laughs]. Yesterday, I got back to my hotel room at about 10-or-11-o’clock last night and then I woke up this morning just in time to start doing phoners, and everyone is like, ‘Hey! What do you think about this thing with Hulk Hogan?’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what thing? What are you talking about?’ And like, I had no idea. So, yeah, not in any of my dealings with him.”

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