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EditorialWrestleMania 32 Was "Meh" - Results and Match Ratings

WrestleMania 32 Was “Meh” – Results and Match Ratings



I had semi-high hopes for this event. I really enjoyed WrestleMania 31 (in my top 5), and I wanted to see how they followed it up. Last year’s WrestleMania had possibly one of the worst built cards in awhile, but managed to pull off an amazing show. WrestleMania 32 also had a poorly built card, but this year it was more due to injury. Was WrestleMania 32 able to pull off what 31 did? Not really.

Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens (C), Sami Zayn, Sin Cara, Stardust & The Miz to become new Intercontinental Champion- **** Stars

Much like WrestleMania 31, WrestleMania 32 kicked off the main show with an Intercontinental Championship Ladder match. In my opinion, this was the match of the night. There were a lot of really entertaining spots in this match like Ziggler hitting almost everyone consecutively with super kicks, Sami Zayn diving through the ladder and ropes onto everyone, Kevin Owens’s frog splash, and Sin Cara saving himself from falling by spring boarding off the top rope and diving into everyone. Now I don’t know if this match was better than last year’s Ladder match, but it was still pretty damn good. The ending too! Holy crap! I did not see Ryder taking this at all, but I’m so glad to see him have a WrestleMania moment.

Chris Jericho def. AJ Styles- *** 1/2 Stars

I had high hopes for this match. I really loved all of their former bouts they’ve had, I got nervous when they were put into a tag team, and then happy again that they were wrestling at Mania. I thought that these two would really step it up and put on a classic. That didn’t really happen. I mean, the match was not a bad match at all, it was entertaining. The beginning part was pretty slow, but it eventually picked up. I’m disappointed that AJ didn’t get the win, but oh well. I’m hoping Styles will get plenty of opportunities in the future to put on big time matches at Mania and pick up some wins. Overall, I still think these two could’ve put on a **** 1/2 match.

The League of Nations def. The New Day- ** 1/2 Stars

After seeing this match I was 0-3 for predictions. I was not expecting The League of Nations to pick up the W. I thought the big box of “Booty-Os” was pretty funny and the Dragon Ball Z inspired get up for the New Day was cool, but that was about it for the match. This match could’ve been on the second hour Raw; it wasn’t special. After the match is when the good stuff happened though. After The League of Nations were celebrating their win, all of a sudden Shawn Michaels comes out in ring-gear! I was going nuts. Then Foley came out, and then Stone Cold! Austin, Michaels and Foley were able to “open up a can of whoop-ass” on The League of Nations and share a dance with The New Day (only to have Xavier stunned by Austin). Very cool segment. I was glad to see 3 Attitude Era icons have another entertaining WrestleMania moment.

Brock Lesnar def. Dean Ambrose- ** 3/4 Stars

Much like the Jericho/Styles match, I had high hopes for this match. I really enjoyed the build which included the parking garage attack, the whole ambulance thing, and the “passing of the torch” from Foley & Funk to Ambrose. I didn’t expect Ambrose to win at all, I knew Lesnar probably would, but I wanted something that reminded me of Foley/Triple H from early 2000. I wanted a match where Lesnar would dominate the match wrestling-wise and Dean would be the crazy guy who could take the beating but still dish out some hardcore moments. Instead we got a match that ended pretty fast and was almost a squash match. Now it wasn’t all horrible. There were a few spots I really enjoyed. I just wish that Dean would’ve gotten more shots in; especially if WWE made a big deal about him getting the barbed-wire baseball bat. Dean didn’t even use it! He grabbed it, but didn’t use it. I just expected more.

Charlotte def. Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks to become new Women’s Champion- **** Stars

This match was great! A very fast-paced, technical match. I think all performers shined in this match, but Sasha stood out the most. I loved that the fans chanted, “This is Wrestling!” during the match because it was! An exciting bout that gave the Women’s (not Diva’s anymore) some new life to it, and spring-boarded it into a new era. The only thing that prevented this match being rated higher or being match of the night was the ending. I really think that either Sasha or Becky deserved to win and I’m tired of Charlotte using Ric to keep winning. I understand that she’s heel, but come on. You can definitely tell that the crowd was pulling for Sasha to win and were a little disappointed when Charlotte came up with the win. Still, the ending doesn’t take away from this being an awesome match.

The Undertaker def. Shane McMahon- *** Stars

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this match. With a combined age of 97 years in the ring, I knew this wouldn’t be an outstanding match. That is not to say that this wasn’t an entertaining match. It was pretty entertaining! It started off real slow and kind of ended slow, but there were a few spots in between that were damn cool. The Coast-to-Coast was good, Shane’s sleeper to Undertaker putting him through the announce table was good, and of course the Cell dive was phenomenal. The Cell dive will be up there as one of the craziest moments in WrestleMania history.

Baron Corbin won Andre the Giant Battle Royal- ** Stars

This match was pretty all over the place. Shaq was in this match…Shaq. Okay… Shaw and Big Show locked up and everyone left the ring for a bit, only to have them come back and eliminate both Big Show and Shaq. Having him in the match was useless. Tatanka was randomly in this match for a really long time too. I don’t know who planned this, but it was bad. The good thing is, Corbin won. I didn’t want Henry or Kane to win; which that’s what it looked like for awhile. I hope Corbin goes on to good things. I’m excited to see how he turns out.

The Rock def. Erick Rowan- NR

I’m not even going to rate this one. When The Rock first came out, this was the first time since he made his return back in 2011 where I felt like I didn’t need him there. Like it’s cool that he was there, but was it necessary? He initially came out with a flamethrower and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders just to announce the attendance record. All of a sudden the Wyatt Family comes out to interrupt, The Rock makes some jokes, then rips off his clothes to reveal his trunks and boots. I was actually pretty jacked and surprised to see this. Then the match only ended up being 6 seconds… After the match was over, the rest of the Wyatt Family surrounded The Rock only to have none other than JOHN CENA come out and save the day. I wish they would’ve just done a quick tag team match with Cena/Rock vs. the Wyatt Family but oh well. The moment was cool, but the match could’ve been executed better.

Roman Reigns def. Triple H (C) to become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion- ** 1/2 Stars

What a boring match. Having a show end on such a predictable, boring match leaves a bad taste in your mouth for the entire event. I want to compare this bad main event to Cena/Miz’s main event from WrestleMania XXVII, but at least that ending wasn’t predictable. The two high points about this match were Roman spearing Triple H through the barricade and spearing Stephanie McMahon, but that’s about it. No interference, no blood, no heel turn for Roman, nothing.

Final Verdict

The show wasn’t a bad show, it was meh. The show had a lot of high points (The IC Ladder Match, Michaels/Foley/Austin coming out, the Women’s Title Match, Shane’s top of the Cell dive), but it had some lows (disappointing Lesnar/Ambrose match, chaotic Battle Royal, and very poor main event). Although this show wasn’t as bad as some in recent years (XXVII and 29) it was a step down from the previous two (XXX and 31). I don’t know what to expect from next year’s, but I hope WWE steps it up.

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