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EditorialWWE Day 1 Preview 2022 Full Card, Match Predictions & More

WWE Day 1 Preview 2022 Full Card, Match Predictions & More



Notable Superstars Missing from the Card

Note: This is not a full list of everyone on the roster who is not scheduled for the show. It excludes some people who wouldn’t have normally been expected to appear on the show for some fashion, such as some jobbers, injured talent, etc.

AJ Styles / Omos = For the life of me, I don’t get how WWE works sometimes. They split Omos and Styles up so that Styles could feud with Grayson Waller from NXT? Huh?? Where’s the Omos match??

Austin Theory / Finn Balor = This whole thing with Austin Theory and Vince McMahon, if it leads anywhere, is probably just ending with Theory getting a stunner from Stone Cold at WrestleMania and nothing more. But in the meantime, keep the focus on him and make it actually grow. To do that, you need to give him more time, and keeping him out of this event does him no good. For that matter, is that it with the whole Balor thing?

Damian Priest / Dirty Dawgs = Damian Priest can’t seem to get his anger issues in check and keeps retaining his United States Championship lately on technicalities. Why not book him in a No Disqualification match against Dolph Ziggler, knowing Robert Roode will get involved, but that would allow for Priest to fully unleash and retain that way? Too much thought put into it?

Veer Mahaan = Dude’s already been on Raw for a few months and they keep advertising that he’s “coming to Raw” for what, 2 more months after that? What is going on, WWE?

The 24/7 Crew = Dana Brooke and Tamina have had a thing going on, while Reggie’s helping out Brooke and still having issues with R-Truth. It’s a TV feud and not pay-per-view worthy. However, given there’s so much filler on this already and there’s no kickoff match, anything’s game and I’m surprised this didn’t just get slotted in there.

Bianca Belair / Doudrop = All things considered, maybe this feud should have amounted to a Day 1 match. It’s far from the best, but a kickoff match could have sufficed.

Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega / Super Brutality = Can’t even have the women’s tag titles on a throwaway event like this, right? Those belts mean nothing.

Shinsuke Nakamura / Sami Zayn = This title match isn’t happening on SmackDown this week, since it’s a clip show. Why do it on the SmackDown after the pay-per-view instead of on the event? Oh. Duh. Because WWE feels the need to spread everything thin these days and they just care about Lesnar and Reigns for this. Got it.

The Entire SmackDown Women’s Division = Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm could have had a match here. Naomi and Sonya Deville? Maybe put Xia Li with Naomi and Shayna Baszler with Deville to do a tag team match here? What’s Natalya up to? Why did Shotzi turn heel just to fuck off and do nothing? Nothing going on with Sasha Banks again, I see? Where’s Aliyah?

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