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EditorialWWE Learned From The Benoit Family Tragedy; Don't Blame Them For Bryan's...

WWE Learned From The Benoit Family Tragedy; Don’t Blame Them For Bryan’s Retirement.



With the story behind Chris Benoit contracting a brain disease (CTE) caused by untreated concussions over his career, Daniel Bryan’s comments over concussions on tonight’s Raw was fitting with how serious WWE has treat head injuries since the death of the Benoit family. Since the Benoit Family Tragedy, former WWE wrestler Christopher Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute have worked hard to research the effects of repeated concussions in sports. Not just in wrestling, but in American Football and many other contact sports, repeated concussions over time has led athletes to lose control of their minds, commit suicide, and in some cases, harm friends and family. Nowinski and SLI has worked alongside WWE and held meetings with wrestlers over the repercussions of working through head injuries. WWE donated over $1m to the company, and recently Triple H was appointed to the SLI Board Of Directors.

Bryan has taken many concussion tests on his brain, and the latest came up with worrying results. It’s very possible that if Daniel Bryan was to continue wrestling, and if he continued to suffer concussions, he could go the same way as Chris Benoit and other athletes who died prematurely from CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Therefore Bryan’s retirement is no one’s fault. When Bryan started wrestling, there was literally no research done on the effects of concussions, and as Bryan admitted, he picked up three early in his career. His style has always been fast-paced and hard-hitting, and he’s wrestled over 1,200 recorded matches in his time.

Therefore it is absolutely the best decision for Daniel Bryan and his family. No one wants to see Bryan lose his mind. No one wants to see a repeat of the Benoit Family Tragedy. We will hate it, we will be sad, we may even blame Vince and the WWE doctors, but at the end of the day, WWE learns from its mistakes, and in the past WWE did not do enough to look after their wrestlers. This is proof that they do care, and we should appreciate WWE doctors for refusing to clear Bryan.

It’s not about holding anyone down, it’s nothing to do with that. It’s about life and death, and research indicates that repeated concussions is different from person-to-person, but the worst case scenario is what we saw on the news in 2007. Sorry if this article annoyed you. I have not talked about Chris Benoit for a while, but when Bryan talked about his concussions it reminded me of the time Nowinski talked to Chris Jericho about a conversation he had with Benoit; when Benoit told Nowinski he’d worked through loads of concussions. I can imagine Bryan did the same thing on the independent scene, he would wrestle long matches with stiff offense, and his passion to please the fans with his wrestling matches mirrored Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid’s style.

I didn’t make this post to prove Benoit’s innocence or anything like that; I’m merely pointing out there’s more proof that concussions lead to serious conditions like the one Benoit was diagnosed with. Whether you make that connection is up to you. I’m happy that WWE learned from past tragedies and they are able to say “No!” when the time is right. Yes, it sucks because we won’t see Bryan wrestle again, but I would rather have that then see another Chris Benoit. The future is safe.

Edit: If you would like to read more about CTE and how it effected Chris Benoit and the 2007 tragedy, click on this link. It’s 12 pages long, and it has videos which go in to more detail. I made it in June of last year, but the information is still relevant and I cannot add any more. It’s a culmination of several articles I made over the years piled in to one final piece; and it took several days to make. I’m not a doctor, I have never claimed to be a doctor, all I am is the messenger boy, so take the information how you like and form your own opinions; but please don’t misdirect your anger at me. My bed is calling me, so on that note, good night everyone!

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