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EditorialWWE Top 10 Divas Matches Of 2014!

WWE Top 10 Divas Matches Of 2014!



No.1- Natalya Vs. Charlotte, NXT Women’s Championship Match, NXT Takeover. This match showed both why Natalya is considered a veteran and Charlotte, the future of the divas division. It was perfectly timed and the storytelling was on point. Winner: Charlotte

No.2- Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte, NXT Women’s Championship match, NXT Takeover R-Evolution. The rivalry between the two divas showed why divas deserve a more prominent role on programming. This is because of how good the actual match was and the storytelling involved throughout. Winner: Charlotte 

No.3- Nikki Bella Vs. Brie Bella, 30 Day Assistant Match, WWE Hell In A Cell. Nikki Bella has improved massively and has become such asset to the divas division as of recently. Brie has also improved dramatically in the ring and showed this when her and her twin sister clashed in a sister Vs. sister match up. The quality of the bout was top notch and the chemistry was excellent. Winner: Nikki Bella 

No.4- Nikki Bella Vs. AJ Lee Vs. Paige, WWE Divas Championship Match, Night Of Champions. These 3 divas really meshed well together and put on a performance which was really entertaining. The outcome become very unpredictable during the bout because of how well each diva was portrayed and the constant close counts. Winner: AJ Lee 

No.5- Naomi Vs. Paige, WWE Divas Championship Match, Money In The Bank. Both women displayed a great arsenal of moves and showed off a variety of unique counters and comebacks. They both conveyed technical skills as well as Naomi using her athleticism to produce some very fun high flying moves. The match could of went anyway which gave an extra element of excitement. Winner: Paige 

No.6- Stephanie McMahon Vs. Brie Bella, SummerSlam. The match its self was perfectly paced and Stephanie McMahon was able to play her evil corporate character part really well by taking majority control for along period of the match up. The build up gave the match high expectations for segments surrounding it were booked in main event slots on RAW. The ending saw Nikki Bella portray her sister, this was a very smart choice and a good way to end the match and let the top B*tch stay supreme and powerful. Winner: Stephanie McMahon 

No.7 Bayley Vs. Charlotte, NXT Women’s Championship Match, NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way. Both ladies are amazing performers and really portrayed a David Vs. Goliath storyline very well by having Bayley fight her hardest to earn the respect of the champion. The match consisted of multiple awesome spots and had a real intense vibe to it which created a spectacular atmosphere. Winner: Charlotte 

No.8- Emma Vs. Paige, NXT Women’s Championship Match, NXT Arrival. Both Divas are incredible performers and are both very evenly matched up as opponents. The match brought a heck of a lot of intensity and real passion was shown from both females in the work they put into the match and the overall product. Winner: Paige 

No.9- AJ Lee Vs. Paige, WWE Divas Championship Match, SummerSlam. With high flying spots and out of the box reversals this match delivered on terms of in ring action and the psychology brought by both female competitors. The quirkiness of both divas gimmicks was a real attribute to this match up and gave it a load more star power. Winner: Paige 

No.10 Natalya Vs. AJ Lee, WWE Divas Championship Match, MainEvent. This match was back and forth from the get go and both competitors gave a PPV worthy real high quality performance. There may of not been no real build to the match up but on the basis of in ring ability and performance alone this match is able to creep on to the list at number 10. Winner: AJ Lee

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