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06/24/2019 Official WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: What’s Next for Seth and Becky?


WWE has released this week’s quick hits preview for WWE Raw. You can view them along with excerpts below to get ready for tonight’s episode as we gear up for the fallout from WWE Stomping Grounds.

Of course, eWrestlingNews will have all of the Monday Night Raw coverage tonight beginning at 8 P.M. Eastern:

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Seth Rollins’ Universal challenges

Seth Rollins retained his Universal Title at WWE Stomping Grounds despite the underhanded efforts of Baron Corbin and Special Guest Referee Lacey Evans, who changed the rules throughout the matchup. Now that Rollins has toppled Corbin, will a new contender step up, or are Seth’s problems with The Lone Wolf just beginning?

The Man might not be finished with The Lady in the aftermath of WWE Stomping Grounds

Lacey Evans may have cost Rollins the Universal Title if it wasn’t for Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, who stormed the ring and took out The Sassy Southern Belle. Becky beat The Lady in their Raw Women’s Championship Match, but it’s a safe bet that this heated rivalry will continue to burn tonight on Raw.

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