80s Wrestling Con To Hold A ‘WCW Night’ Fundraiser – Details


80s Wrestling Con sent out the following press release today, announcing a “WCW Night” fundraiser that will be taking place on Friday, September 24. The event will be held at The Wrestling Collector in Stockholm, New Jersey.

You can check out the official announcement below:


The Wrestling Collector, located at 2772 State Route 23 in Stockholm, NJ will be hosting a special “WCW Night” on Friday, September 24th from 6-8PM with Hugh Morrus and Crowbar to help raise money for The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation. All proceeds from autograph photos and photo ops will be donated to the foundation. If you don’t live in the New Jersey area, you can still donate by ordering photos tomorrow.

On October 10th, 2015 Bill DeMott’s daughter Keri Anne DeMott was killed by a multiple DUI offender while driving home. She was only 20 years old, and was dedicated to serving her community and sharing kindness wherever she went. She was studying Sociology at the University of Central Florida in the hopes of becoming a social worker and helping children and families in need.

The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation was started by the DeMott family in 2016 to honor Keri’s memory and to share her story with the primary goal of one day ending drunk, impaired, and distracted driving. As the foundation has grown the DeMott’s have realized that every decision we make in life matters, not just the ones we make while behind the wheel. Whether it’s at school, work, home, church, or anywhere else in between, we all face decisions on a daily basis that will shape who we are and effect every single person we come into contact with.

Today Keri’s life and legacy is shared with students, law enforcement, first responders, and people of all ages as a reminder of how powerful and important our decisions are. We all have the ability to be a positive influence in our communities, and together we can create a better world just like Keri had imagined doing herself.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the foundation and the DeMott family keep Keri’s passion of helping others alive by giving back to local community groups and national organizations that inspire, motivate, and help others.

CAN’T ATTEND LIVE? YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT THE CAUSE: If you can’t attend live tomorrow, you can order autograph photos of Hugh Morrus and Crowbar on 80sWrestlingCon.com. All proceeds to benefit The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation.

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