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RVD On Working With William Regal In WCW, Paul Heyman & Tod Gordon Talk ECW



On a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, Rob Van Dam discussed working with William Regal in WCW and his respect for his Lordship.

RVD said, “I always had a lot of respect for him and considered him more of a teacher than a peer. Because he had me doing stuff that I normally wouldn’t do … I worked William Regal [in WCW] and I just remember hitting a top wristlock, and he was able to teach me and coached me through a match [where] I was looking so good, jumping up and doing head scissors. But he pushed me off, and I try again. Boom, maybe I would kick him or something, and this time, maybe I would take him down.”

He continued, “I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was still while we’re in the top wristlock and working up here instead of working on the mat. It seemed like we kept going up to that, and I was like, ‘Wow, I appreciate this guy’s England perspective,’ or whatever it is. I always respected him.”

Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman recently discussed the early days of ECW for a new feature article with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

You can check out some highlights from the feature article below:

Heyman on the ECW product: “[I wanted to] create so much noise out of that bingo hall that fans of WWF and WCW [World Championship Wrestling] not only notice, but start clamoring and demanding the style that we were implementing. And to his credit, I never had to sell Tod on it.”

Gordon on the promotion’s rise early on: “I wish we would have walked before we ran. The growth became so overwhelming. I couldn’t run my business here and run what was going there at the rate it was growing. It was just so fast.”

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