A Great Video Interview Of The Miz Discussing The IC Title Match, SummerSlam, Fashion And More


SIRIUS-XM personality Sam Roberts caught up with the current WWE
Intercontinental Champion The Miz in Los Angeles, California this weekend for a
new video interview.

During their discussion, Miz spoke about the clothing that he now wears as
part of his new character.

“The fun part about it is showing up and the WWE superstars
reaction when you walk backstage,”
said The Miz.

Miz continued, “I’ve done this since day one. where I would wear
something knowing that this is not the usual or the norm. If someone says
something negatively towards me, I’m wearing it out there, because I know that I
have better fashion sense than everyone in the WWE, and I guarantee that when
people look at it they go ‘it looks weird, but he looks like a million

Check out the complete interview below.

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