Ace Austin Talks About Wrestling Samoa Joe, Josh Alexander & More


Impact Wrestling’s own Ace Austin appeared on Inside the Ropes to discuss his desire to wrestle Samoa Joe, who has since became a free agent following his WWE release on April 15th. He also talked about Josh Alexander and other topics below:

Ace Austin on if he wants to see Samoa Joe make a return to Impact and a potential matchup between the two: “No doubt about it. … I’ve been compared to AJ Styles for the entirety of my career so far. So to have that 21st-century Samoa Joe versus modern-day AJ, I think would be a marquee match for sure. 100 percent.”


Ace Austin on Josh Alexander: “I’m glad you used the word ‘toughest’ because that really is what I think of when I think of Josh Alexander. Even looking past his… I mean, you can’t look past his technical prowess. He is – he and TJP both are like strategically, mechanically, some of the absolute best ever to do it. The thing about Josh Alexander is what sets him apart from everybody else besides that technical ability even is that toughness that he has. He and Ethan Page were so successful together.”

On how Alexander is underrated: “It’s really easy to just think that he’ll flounder in a singles setting because Ethan Page was the mouthpiece, Ethan Page was the voice of the North, but Josh is – you can’t look past how damn tough he is, he was the marathon man of that team. He was the one that could go, go, go, and just not be stopped. So I think that is going to be my biggest threat in this match is – what will it take to keep Josh Alexander down? Because I’ve seen him go through… I mean, just his career, the things that he’s been through, the broken neck, being so close to retirement and having to just give it up and then fighting back from that, you know, I can’t compare anything I’ve been through to that yet.”


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