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Adam Cole On What Sets Pat McAfee Apart From Other Celebrity Wrestlers



Pat McAfee’s devotion to professional wrestling is apparent every time he appears on WWE programming, according to ROH World Tag Team Champion Adam Cole.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the “Inside the Ropes” podcast, Cole praised McAfee’s in-ring work and gave his take on Pat connecting with the wrestling industry. He said,

“Pat, from watching years of pro wrestling, just understood certain nuances that sometimes takes a really, really long time to understand if you’re someone who has not watched pro wrestling.

“I think between his athletic background, his gift of gab, and his love and appreciation in years and years and years of watching it … Truth be told, I knew he was gonna do really well. I knew that going in, but I was so happy to see that he exceeded everyone’s expectations because I think at this point he’s proven that he’s darn good, especially for his experience level.”

Cole added that Pat’s love for wrestling, as opposed to some other celebrity performers over the years, has helped set him apart. He said,

“I think you see this with a lot of celebrity matches, celebrities who come from the outside and want to work a match in pro wrestling, the ones who have watched it their whole life and really, really love it, my god, you can tell a difference.”

Cole defeated McAfee in the latter’s in-ring debut at NXT TakeOver XXX in August 2020 and the two would be on opposing sides inside WarGames later that year.

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