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NewsAEWBrian Cage Is Happy For TNA, Discusses Tribalism In Wrestling

Brian Cage Is Happy For TNA, Discusses Tribalism In Wrestling



On a recent edition of Taylor Wilde’s “Wilde On” podcast, former FTW Champion Brian Cage discussed the topic of tribalism in the wrestling industry.

Cage also noted that he attended a recent TNA taping and was happy to see the promotion he used to work for doing so well.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On visiting TNA’s recent taping: “Since we’re talking about TNA so much, I went to the show yesterday. I didn’t know I was going to do [AEW] TV on Saturday, cause I was going to go [to TNA] on Saturday, then my flight got delayed and whatever. I probably got there about half way through the show. It was even more stacked on Saturday. It was awesome. Obviously I’m there and I know so many people there wrestling wise and office wise. It was great to see everyone and say hi and hello. The crowd was so hyped, especially for the Josh and Ospreay match. It was amazing. I was actually going to leave to go the gym because it was so late, they were about to go on and I was like, ‘Damn it, I gotta stay and watch this match.’ I’m so glad I did. I was so proud and so hyped for it. I just love it to see them and I want to see them keep doing more and more.”

On tribalism in wrestling: “When people say the whole like, even back in the day, ‘I want Ring Of Honor to go out of business, I want IMPACT to go out of business.’ Why would you want that? If you don’t like the product, you don’t watch the product. First of all, when people crap on the product, TNA for instance. It’s so great because you’ll be like, ‘When’s the last time you watched TNA?’ and they’re like, ‘Oh I don’t, I haven’t.’ Then how do you have any say on how good or bad it is if you don’t watch it. I can’t tell you how good or bad some movie is that hasn’t came out yet. It gets me so hot and bothered. There’s so much wrestling, so much wrestling and such easy access to it to where if you don’t want to watch it, watch something else, but don’t sit here and demonize it because you just want to be cool online and get your little fifteen minutes of fame.”

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