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Chris Hero Praises FTR, Drilla Moloney Re-Signs With NJPW



Drilla Moloney has signed a new deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Back in January, it was reported that Moloney’s contract with the company had expired. Moloney took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday to announce that he’s re-signed with the company. He wrote,

“You won’t know how much [money] I re-signed for, but there may be signs”

Chris Hero recently appeared on the “What Happened When” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including how FTR understands the art of tag team wrestling in ways others don’t.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the state of tag team wrestling: “I work with a lot of young tag teams, and I just tell them you need minutes, you need time to feel it. You have to know where the center of the ring is, where your opponent is, where your partner is, you just have to know this stuff at all times so your body language conveys it and you don’t get caught in your head, thinking of a spot, and then you suplex your guy right to his partner. It happens all the time, and not because they want it to. They just need to put more energy into…a tag team match, I still think it’s an attraction.”

On FTR’s talents as a tag team: I think there’s stuff you can see in tag matches that you can’t see in any other match. I just think it breaks out into two singles matches or it looks like a scramble match, where everybody’s in and out of the ring. But you watch an FTR match, and those guys, they get it. You know their match comes on, you know it’s gonna be different than everybody else’s.”

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