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Jake Roberts Reflects On Ribbing Virgil With His Snake



On a recent edition of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts discussed the passing of Ole Anderson and Virgil.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Virgil and Ole Anderson: “Ole Anderson, as hard nosed as that old prick was — and he was tough. Oh my God, he was tough. And he was a he was a gnarly bit to deal with. But I dealt with him; I got through it. And, of course, Virgil, you know. That was a tough one to take too, man. But they’re in a better place now. And you know, you just you just never know when it’s your time. So enjoy whatever you got and remember, you don’t know when it’s your time.”

On ribbing Virgil: “Oh, my God, man. Poor Virgil. Virgil was for DiBiase. He had to take whatever the babyface wanted to give, because Ted wasn’t going to. He’s the Million Dollar Man. So that meant I got to put the snake on Virgil. And of course, I had the snake lick his face, which freaked him out. Then one night, I was like, ‘What the hell? Let’s see what happens.’ And I shove this thing down his pants. That snake crawled all the way down out the end. And then I got in a tug of war trying to pull it out. And Virgil was pissed, man. He was pissed.”

On Virgil’s place in wrestling history: “He went to WCW too [in addition to WWE]. So yeah, nobody can mark that off as a nothing deal. He had a job at both places, you know? One for Virgil, one for Vincent.”

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