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The Young Bucks – ‘Cody Rhodes Is The Face Of WWE Now’



In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks weighed in on Cody Rhodes’ departure from AEW in 2022.

Cody left AEW for WWE, returning to the Endeavor-owned promotion at WrestleMania 38.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Matt Jackson on their new heel characters: “In our eyes, we’re the good guys–trying to keep AEW on course with the mission statement of changing the world. We sparked the movement that created a revolution that birthed AEW. We were the fresh, young, disruptors who thought outside of the box and spat in the face of tradition. AEW is now a much different place than it was five years ago, but I think that same disruptive attitude is still there. So who better to lead the charge than the company’s own EVPs who sought out for that change originally, anyway? Sometimes you have to protect the thing you love the most, from people who don’t fit the image of what this is supposed to be. And I thought the $25 Amazon gift card to Tony Schiavone was a great way to extend the olive branch. My brother, who can be a bit of a hot head, had a quick quibble about something trivial, but we circled back and deescalated the situation.”

Matt Jackson on Cody’s departure: “AEW will always be our baby. It’s our life’s work. We sought out to change the world, and we did just that. We created a new workplace for so many deserving people. Tons of talented individuals received a spotlight that they may have not gotten otherwise. And several people’s careers were taken to new heights because of the sole existence of AEW. We’re proud of the things we accomplished with Cody and happy to see him rising to the occasion. We’re all rooting for each other.”

Nick Jackson on their friendship with Cody: “Cody is the face of the WWE now, and it’s cool to see because we always knew how much of a star he was. The founders of AEW will always have a lifetime bond with each other because we all know what we did for wrestling. We talk every week and in a weird way him leaving made us grow more as friends.”

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