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NewsAEWTony Khan - 'Ricky Starks Is Definitely Still Under Contract With AEW'

Tony Khan – ‘Ricky Starks Is Definitely Still Under Contract With AEW’



During the post-AEW Revolution 2024 media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Ricky Starks is still under contract with his promotion, despite online rumors that he was a free agent.

As we previously reported here on eWn, the rumors about Starks being a free agent spread like wildfire on Sunday, and fans speculated that he could be headed to WWE with his friend Cody Rhodes already returning to the company two years ago.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On Eddie Kingston’s status for ROH Supercard of Honor: “Yes. I absolutely am planning for that. We had to get through Revolution and decide the Continental Crown tonight. It was an amazing match, Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson, on an amazing PPV. We were very fortunate to have a great match like that for the Continental Crown tonight. It’s really befitting the status of the Continental Crown matches we’ve had since the Continental Classic when we established the AEW Continental Championship. Of course, Eddie Kingston, being the Ring of Honor World Champion, absolutely, you can expect Eddie Kingston at Supercard of Honor now after he retained the Continental Crown at Revolution in that awesome match vs. Bryan Danielson tonight.”

On the thought process behind the name of AEW Dynasty: “I’m of the mind that it’s a very important year for AEW. We’ve got, I believe, the best roster in wrestling and in the weeks to come the roster will be showcased. And I think everyone will see that AEW in 2024 is only going to continue to grow and build and establish ourselves. I’ve got really great plans for the next couple of weeks for all of the fans in Atlanta, you’re going to want to be in Atlanta. Of course we’ve talked a lot about Big Business in Boston and very excited to go to Toronto. I have very special things planned in the coming weeks and after that. But certainly these coming weeks, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto…we have great things planned for you without saying specifically what they are. I’m very excited about that. The run to this next PPV, it’s going to be very special and it feels like we’re building that dynasty. We talked about Ospreay and Takeshita being like Jordan and Pippen playing against each other. I think it feels like we’re building our own dynasty here with Will Ospreay arriving, the quality of the wrestling up and down the card, it’s never been better.”

On Ricky Starks’ AEW contract: “I don’t know what the rumor is. Ricky is part of AEW. Ricky is definitely still under contract in AEW. I haven’t seen that. Ricky was a big part of Sting’s run, he was Sting’s first match in AEW. Ricky and Big Bill, I’m very grateful, and I’ve said that to Ricky too, both right after the match and since, very grateful. Ricky and Big Bill, what great world tag team champions, and what a great match for Sting and Darby to win the world tag team championships. Ricky was there at the beginning three years ago, then a huge part of the title change, which set the stage for tonight. He’s been here for some of the big moments. I’m very excited about having him here. He’s definitely part of AEW and has been a big part of Sting’s final run.”

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