​Aiden English Discusses His Unfinished Business With Enzo & Big Cass, WWE’s Tag-Team Division


During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Aiden English discussed which extreme match he’d like to be involved in, his unfinished business with Enzo Amore and Big Cass and more. Here are some highlights:

On Unfinished Business With Enzo & Cass: “I’m open for anything. We never got to finish our business at Payback. If they’d like to throw their hats in the mix, I’m more than open to it, but we earned our number one contendership shot. We want our shot against the New Day. After that, when we win at Extreme Rules on Sunday and they want a shot, they can go ahead.”

On WWE’s Tag Division: “With additions from NXT like ourselves, Enzo and Cass. Other teams like the Revival, American Alpha, Blake and Murphy. We saw the Shining Stars debut on Raw. The tag team division is growing.”

On The Extreme Match He’d Like To be Involved In: “As far as tag team matches, there have been tag team tables matches, ladder matches, Edge & Christian’s TLC matches, all of which are equally entertaining and terrifying. I would say some kind of manliness match, but nobody would win that but us. Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve always wanted to be in a tag team ladder match. If I ever get a chance to wet my whistle in a tag team ladder match, I’d jump at the opportunity, no pun intended.”

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