Alberto El Patron Reportedly Tried To Rip WWE Again Following The GFW Impact TV Tapings


As you are aware, Alberto El Patron trashed the WWE following his match at Slammiversary XV against Bobby Lashley. El Patron has made it known that he will never hold any words or feelings back when it comes to his former company. According to a report from WrestlingINC, El Patron was prepared to do the same following last night’s GFW Impact TV tapings.

“El Patron grabs a mic for a shoot, he says it’s “that time of the night” when he talks about “that company in Stamford.” His attorney, however, called him last night and asked him “what the f**k are you thinking” as he recently “lost enough money from his divorce.” At that point, production cut the mic and played his music. El Patron shouted over the music saying he “has enough voice to scream.” His music played louder & El Patron tried to continue before giving up.”

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