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NewsAlisha Edwards Reveals The Scariest Injuries Of Eddie Edwards' Career

Alisha Edwards Reveals The Scariest Injuries Of Eddie Edwards’ Career



In a recent interview with Metro UK, Alisha Edwards discussed the scariest injuries her husband Eddie Edwards has suffered in his career, their relationship being part of TNA storylines, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the scariest injuries Eddie has suffered: “The baseball bat injury to Eddie years ago [from Sami Callihan], that was the scariest thing. At Final Resolution, Eddie got thrown outside the ring and he fell on a bleacher. And literally, I was on ringside, so I saw the whole thing happen. And he slices his head, and he had to get rushed to the hospital for some stitches. So I would say anything that I personally can see my husband doing. I was there when he shattered his foot. I mean, it’s not me personally, but I think it is – because when you personally go through something, it’s weird because you don’t see it. You just feel it. So I think the most scary things are me seeing people get hurt.”

On their relationship being part of TNA storylines: “No hesitation at all. I think me and Eddie are very comfortable individually and we’re stronger together. So I think there wouldn’t be any issues or any resistance toward that,’ she explained. ‘Me and Eddie are definitely ride or die for each other.”

On being able to have their own storylines in TNA: “That’s the normal thing to do. Like, the wife goes with the husband, and that’s it. So I think us being able to do that little swerve, and being able to kind of still do my own thing, while Eddie had his thing as being a heel – I think that’s what, creatively, we can do that makes us happy. Because not many places, you’re able to do things like that. So I think being able to do that, at IMPACT, and on our own terms is exactly why we stayed.”

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