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Arn Anderson Discusses His Teachings To His Son Brock



On the latest episode of his “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson talked about his son, Brock, and sharing his teachings to him.

Admitting how Brock does not have the best physical genetics, Arn emphasized the importance of having respect for the wrestling business and those that have contributed to it. Anderson also illustrated how important it is to work and make the audience connect with oneself as a wrestler. He said,

“It’s very important — besides doing all the other things — but No. 1: Learn how to work. It is the fiber of the business. Make people feel something for you one way or the other.”

“He’s never gonna have the genetics to be a great body guy. But he looks good. The kid’s doing great for the number of matches he’s had… But the main thing that I teach him is respect for everyone. Every single person that’s came before him kept the business going.”

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