Arn Anderson – ‘The Undertaker’s Gimmick Would Work Today’


On the latest edition of his “The ARN Show” podcast, Arn Anderson analyzed whether The Undertaker would’ve been successful had he debuted his Deadman gimmick in the current era of professional wrestling.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On whether the debut of The Undertaker gimmick would work today: “I think it would. If it was done with a ‘less than more’ edge to it. Do you know what I’m saying? The thing about The Undertaker was, everything from when you first saw him — his size, and then you would go, ‘Oh God, look.’ It’s like when he would walk to the ring, it was almost like he was floating on air. But it was him pulling that off, it wasn’t personal effects or any of that sci-fi stuff. It was just the way that he perceived that character, and the slower, the better. And let you soak in the look and the complexion of his skin. I mean, it is just everything. There would be a place for another one of those guys as long as, you know, you didn’t push the hocus pocus stuff too far.”

On challenges of gimmicky wrestlers like Luchasaurus: “As far as reaching the top pinnacle of the sport of any company you’re in, I think you maybe come up short of that. Because you need to do your talking. I think for the top guy especially in any promotion, is you got to go out and sell your product, which is you. And it means you gotta talk regularly and have enough time to let the audience find out and figure out who you are. So as far as being a superstar in that top slot, you can certainly get up in that top guy mix. I think there’s a spot for somebody, yes.”

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