Arturo Ruas Comments On Possibility Working In Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport


During a recent appearance on Sean Waltman’s “Pro Wrestling 4 Life” podcast, former WWE Superstar Arturo Ruas commented on the possibility of working for Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport promotion. He said,

“I’m waiting. I’ve always wanted to be there because they have real great matches there. I want to be there and I’m open to be there and working at Bloodsport. In WWE, I had some matches, good matches, but never enough to make people see, not just my skills, but myself and my content. I want to show what I am capable of and to show MMA fighters that if they want to wrestle me, they have to be on another level. They have to train harder. It’s not going to be easy against me inside that ring. I’m starving to be able to show people what a real fight means. In the pro wrestling universe, not every time you get to show a real fight with people beating each other. That’s my goal. I can challenge anyone now. If you want me to be on your show to bring some violence and technique, just call me.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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