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Skye Blue On Her AEW Heel Turn, Josh Barnett Talks Shayna Baszler/Bloodsport X



In a recent appearance on the “Kicking Out” podcast, Skye Blue discussed her heel turn in AEW, noting that she feels more comfortable in the villainous role.

Blue said, Yeah. It’s really been… I have never been a heel in my entire career until now and I feel very comfortable. I feel like myself and… I like it because I’m also still learning. Like, I’m learning how to portray the character better. You know what i mean? Like, I feel like I’m always learning and I’m surrounded by, like, such great people at AEW to learn from. So I just, like, feel super comfortable being able to try things and, like, get feedback and learn and keep growing. I feel like every time you’re with somebody different, whether you’re with somebody new in the ring or you just work with different people who are trained differently, you learn how each person… because, there are so many ways to do what we do, and it’s very cool to take from every little bit that you can.”

On a recent edition of the “Battleground” podcast, Josh Barnett discussed acquiring Shayna Baszler for Bloodsport X and how he has tried to get WWE names in the past.

Baszler will face Masha Slamovich at the event on April 4.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On talking to WWE about the deal: “I never thought it was impossible, just unlikely, and I’ve spoken to them in the past, around previous Bloodsports, about being able to have some access or to take advantage of some of their talent. But this is the time, so we’re very fortunate to be able to have this relationship blossom for us, and we get one of the top stars in WWE and honestly, arguably the best person to come from that company to be a part of this show in Shayna Baszler.”

On being open to other WWE names: “Yeah, we’re open to…there’s more than a handful of wrestlers in WWE that I think would be a perfect fit for this. Whatever or not that will ever happen, I don’t know. It would be cool if it does, but if it doesn’t, they’ve definitely got a place where they’re gonna have to work their a**es anyway. There’s enough to overcome in WWE for them to make their name.”

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