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Mark Briscoe Wanted To Retire After Jay’s Death, Parker Boudreaux Confirms AEW Status



In a recent appearance on the “Under the Ring” podcast, Mark Briscoe confessed that he considered retiring from wrestling after the tragic death of his brother Jay Briscoe in January 2023.

Mark said, That was my first thought. My very first thought was, I’m not ever wrestling again. But it didn’t take long, it really didn’t take long at all for me to reconsider and change my mind there once I got thinking about what he’d want me to do. My initial reaction was, I’m never wrestling again, I don’t ever wanna wrestle again. Like I said, when I thought about what he would’ve wanted me to do, yeah, I can’t not wrestle. I can’t just quit at this point, I gotta carry on for him.”

As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, Parker Boudreaux is still under contract with AEW despite debuting for AAA and calling the Mexican company his “new home.”

Taking to Twitter, Boudreaux confirmed that he works for both companies. He wrote,

“I’m with @AEW and @luchalibreaaa. Please stop saying AAA is my ONLY home, I clearly stated in the promo it is ONE of my new homes, I am still with AEW.”


Taking to Twitter, Mikey Rukus recalled producing Samoa Joe’s theme song in AEW, which he had to do with only 24 hours notice.

Joe made his debut at ROH Supercard of Honor a couple of years ago and Rukus was told about it the night before. He tweeted,

“I got the call the night before this show.

“Joe is coming”

Me: “You gaddayum right he’s coming Tony Khan. I got you”

I can’t tell you how exhilarating it is to switch gears at a moments notice and kick it into overdrive. Nothing like it in the world.

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