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NewsWWENick Khan & Mark Shapiro On WWE-Netflix Deal, Triple H Wants Brand...

Nick Khan & Mark Shapiro On WWE-Netflix Deal, Triple H Wants Brand Deals For Talents



Advanced Television has published an article about the upcoming additions to the Netflix lineup, which includes WWE. The publication includes comments from both TKO and WWE executives on RAW moving to the streaming service next year.

TKO President and COO Mark Shapiro “applauded” the deal, noting that both Netflix and WWE stand to benefit. He said WWE will expand its reach while Netflix will have weekly live sports for the first time.

WWE President Nick Khan noted, Netflix’s extensive dominance in the entertainment sector made it an ideal home for Raw’s events and its ever-increasing customer base.”

During a recent appearance for Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” series, Triple H stated that WWE Superstars should also get brand deals similar to celebrities and athletes.

“The Game” also explained how famed rapper Travis Scott generates interest by adding his name to a brand. He said,

It’s massive. When you have somebody at his level that can say, ‘Hey, this is cool, this is the biggest thing that there is.’ In some way, and I’ve heard them say it so I’m not saying anything that I made up, but in a way, he might be more important [to the brand] than Michael is right now. The thing about him, he’s ears on the ground at all time so it’s not a, ‘Hey, I think kids will like this, I think this will work.’ It’s, ‘That will work, this will work. I know what they want.’ I think that’s a cool place because in today’s world, if it’s not authentic, you can’t make it work. It’s funny, I’ve thought it for a long time. If you look at our world, much like what Travis is doing, that’s bigger obviously but I think that our performers affect that culture just as much as well. If you go to a game in almost any sport, you’ll hear our entrance themes playing in that stadium or arena. You’ll hear the sayings and the chants and the catchphrases that our talent use, you can’t go to a game without people wooing like Flair. I see athletes doing the Roman Reigns one all the time. I think the yeet thing, Jey has now brought that back. It all affects culture in a big way. I think if somebody doesn’t do the signature line with some of our talent, a Cody Rhodes, a Jey Uso, a Roman Reigns, I think they’re missing on the boat on something that could be very impactful towards their business.”

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