B-Fab Reveals Who Surprised Her The Most Backstage In WWE, + More News


During a recent “East Coast Autograph Auctions” signing, former WWE Superstar Briana Brandy (B-Fab in WWE) commented on Brock Lesnar surprising her backstage in WWE, working her first match in WWE NXT with an injured knee, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who most surprised her backstage in WWE: “Who surprised me? I would honestly say Brock Lesnar. He surprised me because he’s really nice and he’s very soft-spoken and I was not expecting that. Like I was expecting him to be just like, ‘Don’t talk to me, no one look at me,’ and he was super nice. He came up to me and shook my hand and was like, ‘Hey, welcome.’ I was like, ‘Woah. This is awesome.’ He was really awesome, and Roman Reigns is really cool too. He’s a really nice guy.”

On working her first NXT match with a hurt knee: “That was my first-ever singles match. I was so freaking nervous. I was so nervous. [What I remember most is] that my knee actually was hurt. My knee was hurt and I couldn’t bend my knee fully but I didn’t wanna say anything because it was the first time they were like, ‘Okay B, we’re gonna put you out there’ and I was like, ‘All right, cool, let’s go’ but I was hurt so I couldn’t really do all my moves or like even kicks or whatever in that match that well because my knee was just in excruciating pain. After that, I remember icing it for like four hours straight. It was horrible.”

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