Backstage News On Braun Strowman’s WWE Contract, Why He Was Released


Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman was one of the top talents released from the company on Wednesday, most likely due to having a high-valued contract. On today’s WON, it was noted that Vince McMahon “didn’t have anything” creatively for Strowman. Vince’s philosophy was that while it may seem fine for lower card wrestlers to make roughly $250,000 a year to do nothing, it wouldn’t make sense to keep Strowman as he was making nearly a million per year.

It was noted that only top guys (and not many of them) can pull off getting clauses in their contracts that prevent Vince McMahon from cutting them at any time. However, usually top guys just “sign whatever’s put in front of them” and if they want the no-release clause, they have to fight for it because they may not always be a top guy. Otherwise, they can guarantee themselves seven-figures a year but McMahon can cut them whenever he wants. With new WWE Superstars like Omos, Shanky Singh and Commander Azeez being brought into the forefront, Strowman became lost in the shuffle, so to speak. Therefore, it was noted that Braun, “can’t be the giant anymore when the new guy [Omos] is legitimately nine inches taller than him.” Much like The Big Show when Strowman first came to WWE in 2015, Show became obsolete from the company as Strowman was seen at the time as the next big guy. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and Strowman is out the door with Omos taking over that big man/giant spot.

Additionally, Strowman was described as “two years past his peak” and getting a high salary, so that’s why he was cut.

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