Backstage News On Daniel Bryan – No Edicts On Mentioning Him, More


As you know by now, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract has expired and he’s been removed from the internal WWE roster. According to a report from Pwinsider, WWE has not issued any sort of edict backstage warning talents or employees to not mention his name on WWE TV.

During this week’s edition of WWE’s The Bump, the hosts mentioned Daniel Bryan several times and even speculated on whether he might make an appearance outside of WWE. Bryan’s name was also mentioned several times during last night’s WWE SmackDown broadcast.

As previously reported here on eWn, WWE is pushing hard to try to re-sign Bryan. One source told us it’s likely that he’s entertaining offers from other companies and whatever makes the most sense for him is where he’ll wind up. Of course, money and the amount of freedom he has will play key roles in where he’ll eventually land.

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