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NewsBaron Corbin Comments On Getting Death Threats During Angle With Becky Lynch

Baron Corbin Comments On Getting Death Threats During Angle With Becky Lynch



During a recent appearance on the “Out of Character with Ryan Satin” podcast, Baron Corbin commented on getting death threats during an angle with Becky Lynch, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On social media’s impact on wrestlers and getting death threats during an angle with Becky Lynch: “When I was Constable Corbin, people were like, ‘He’s ruining the ratings, he’s the worst bad guy ever and I hate him so much.’ To me, it’s a compliment. But some people read that, and they catch feelings with that stuff because a lot of them are very personal attacks. When I hit Becky with the End of Days, I was getting death threats on a regular basis. 95 percent of [critics] are on the internet or safely behind somewhere they can’t be accessed. Roman [Reigns] said it the best one time, that he’s never met a hater in real life. That’s the same kind of thing with me. It would be funny if at the airport, all the guys hanging there for autographs were like open your Twitter and let me see if you’re blocked or not to decide if you can get an autograph. It’s funny, it’s the cool thing to do now in life, people just want to drag people down, it makes them feel good. My whole career has been that way with social media, but now it’s times 10 just because of where the world is. You’ve got to have thick skin, man.”

On playing a heel character and earning respect from his peers: “It’s funny because you have Hall of Famers or The Rock that puts me over on social media. It’s like, okay, the 200,000 people that are like ‘you’re the worst person in the entire world,’ they know more than The Rock. I get home and throw my phone in the drawer, and that’s my life. That’s the real for me…..the people I look up to, when they are like ‘you’re doing a good job’ or pull you aside. I’ll never forget Matt Hardy one time pulled me aside on a Europe tour and said ‘I just want to say thank you. I don’t think people appreciate what you do.’ Seth Rollins has done the same thing and told me ‘you work really hard to be a bad guy and it makes my job easier.’ When you get that appreciation, especially from guys that you’re working with on a daily basis, that’s the adulation, the gratitude that I appreciate. All the other stuff is just noise.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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