Baron Corbin Thinks He Could’ve Been A Babyface If His ‘Bum A** Corbin’ Persona Lasted Longer


Baron Corbin appeared on Busted Open Radio prior to Saturday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event where he discussed a wide range of topics. 

During the show, they looked back on his ‘Bum Ass Corbin’ character. He thinks the fans would’ve come around and been behind him, turning him into a natural babyface, if the character had lasted longer. He said,


“So it was so funny, when I was doing the ‘broke-down, bum ass Corbin,’ people were starting to cheer and it was almost like a weird, kind of uncomfortable feeling for me when I would come out because I would walk down the aisle and there would be people holding money out. I mean I probably could have made $500, a thousand a night with people holding out $20s. I had people shoving it in my car windows when I’d leave the venue, it was wild and I think that if it had lasted longer, it probably would have full-fledged turned me to the other side and I think that’s one of the reasons we cut it earlier than we probably should’ve. Vince [McMahon] had a vision to change it and become ‘Happy Corbin’ and I think he wanted to do it before it turned me to a baby and it was a weird feeling having that reaction. I would do it, I’m not opposed to it… It’s not in me to ever be a rah, rah, cheer for me guy. I think if it’s something for me that would be a natural kind of evolution of people going, man, he deserves his due. Let’s get this guy and let’s run with him a little bit. He’s busted his ass and he’s put on 100-plus matches a year, he’s always there. I’m always a guy that you can call and, ‘Hey. We got Drew McIntyre on Raw tonight. Who can put on an amazing match and go to war with him?’ ‘Ah, grab Corbin. He can do it.’ Even if it’s a cold match, I can go out there, I can get heat, I can perform and I can make it believable I can beat anybody on this roster and I think that if it ever does change that way, it will be one of those things where they just wanna put a little respect behind it as the fans and they finally start maybe appreciating it but who knows? Miz did it for a short run there when he was with Shane [McMahon] — was a good guy. That was the only time ever in his career. It really is (hard to like The Miz). “

Corbin is currently paired with JBL on Monday Night RAW.

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