Bayley Comments on the Criticisms Of Her New Look, Gives High Praise to Moustache Mountain


During a new interview with The Sun, Bayley commented on the criticisms of her new look, NXT’s Moustache Mountain, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Moustache Mountain and NXT UK: “I am a huge fan of Moustache Mountain, they took care of my fiance when he visited the UK for a few months. I appreciate and love them for taking care of Aaron like that. When I watch the UK scene, because their style is so different to ours, I always see new things that I would love to try or make my own and learn from. I would love to get over there and have some matches in the NXT UK.”

On fans criticizing her new look and attitude: “I have always taken a lot of flak, fans are always mean to me, what else is new. But who cares? I don’t take anything too personally, so that’s good. A lot of people have said they don’t like my haircut and they want me to get a manager. They have been making fun of my hair too but it doesn’t get to me, these guys can make fun of me all they want. But I don’t like it when they overstep their boundaries, because I was never that sort of fan. If you bump into me at the gym or in a restaurant and you want to say hi, then it’s OK, just don’t follow me.”

On achieving her dream of finding success in WWE: “I have moments when I wonder if this is the same WWE that I watched as a kid, because I am at the top of it right now. You have dreams of it as a kid and it is crazy to think of the 10 and 13 year old me and I try not to disappoint her. But then there is the 25, 27 and 30-year-old me and I have to tell her ‘dude, snap out of it. This is your career and life and you are doing great.’ If I could get a message to that 10-year-old version of me it would be ‘you’re not crazy and it’s going to be OK.”

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