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NewsBecky Lynch Talks Women's Revolution In WWE

Becky Lynch Talks Women’s Revolution In WWE



Former SD Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch spoke to Sports Hub Wrestling’s James Stewart this morning before Smackdown Live tonight in Boston.

On How The Women’s Revolution Has Happened & Women’s Wrestling Being Taken Seriously:


“That was my goal when I came over here, that was all I wanted. From the minute that I started wrestling, all I wanted was for women to have the exact same opportunities and for us to be on the same level as the men. And that’s what we’re getting. I was never one that wanted like a big revolution or anything like that. I just wanted us to have good matches. And that’s how it all started, and that’s how it’s continuing, and that’s what we’re seeing today. It’s just become the norm that the women, of course they’re going to have great matches. Of course the guys are going to have great matches. We’re all going to have great matches, because we’re all great wrestlers and we’re all great athletes. So that’s come in place now and that’s what I wanted.”

“All I envisioned was for there to be women that people could relate to. There’s so much diversity. There’s somebody for everybody. Maybe you’re not a Becky Lynch fan, but you’re going to be a Charlotte fan, or maybe you’re a Bayley fan, or maybe you’re a Carmella fan or a Naomi fan. There’s all different types of women represented in our brands these days. And I love it.”

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