Bianca Belair Commented On Her Progress As A Performer, The Return Of WWE Fans


During the latest edition of WWE’s “The Bump”, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair commented on being called up to the main roster, fans returning to WWE live events next month, and more. You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On her progress as a performer over the last year: “I think I’ve added experience to myself. When people talk about me or see me, they say, ‘Oh, she’s a rookie, and she didn’t have any experience.’ This year, I’ve gained more experience. I’ve been in the ring with the best. You know, I pinned Bayley right before Royal Rumble. I can’t lie if I can’t say that didn’t give me more momentum and that it didn’t push me to become a better competitor. I’ve gotten in the ring with Sasha Banks on the highest level at WrestleMania in the main event. To get in the ring with these women, I know being an athlete my whole life, you have to compete with the best, and that’s what I’ve been doing all year long. Anytime I get the opportunity, I don’t run from it… I’ve added experience to the list. I’ve been getting in the ring with the best, and I’ve been beating the best.”

On the return of fans next month: “I am so excited about the fans! It’s not said enough that the fans put smiles on our faces. I’m especially excited because I haven’t experienced fans being on SmackDown. Now, I’m the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and I get to be in front of fans. I can’t wait to experience the road and get back out there in front of the fans.”

On being a champion along with Rhea Ripley on Raw and Raquel González on NXT: “Those are my girls! Those have been my girls since NXT. We started around the same time. It’s amazing to see that we’re all sharing this amazing moment. The amazing thing that I love about our bond is that we push each other, and we all strive to accomplish our goals. We push each other without tearing each other down. We’ve done that the whole time since NXT. It’s really cool that we’re all champions now. We talked for about 20 minutes backstage about it – our journeys and how happy we are for each other. We joke about who’s going to lose it first. We said we’re kind of like the new generation of women that are coming through for women’s wrestling. We have to hold it down, so that’s our mission, and that’s our goal.”

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